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Today, I’ve been sick. Here’s a movie:

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Netscape’s Secret Killer Feature: The Netscape Anchors

So, we have a killer feature at Netscape that hasn’t received a huge amount of attention yet, but I’m going to change that. Jason has talked about our great Navigators, we have great developers working hard on new features like … Continue reading

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“Wow! I’m sorry.”

UPS Guy: *rings doorbell* Me: “Hi. Thanks” *takes electronic thingamajig and starts to sign it* UPS Guy: “Last name?” Me: “Sample.” UPS Guy: “Wow! *laughs* I’m sorry. Ha. I thought they were sending you a sample!” *big smile* I’m sorry, … Continue reading

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Misha attacks!

*Don’t worry… this will be the last YouTube Parrot vid for a while… I promise…

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Birds in the morning…

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