Why do I never listen to my inner tech guru?

I worked for a good 5 years in various tech support roles, and I know my way around a computer. Why, oh why, is it then that I behave like one of the least informed users and never listen to my inner tech guru? Last night, as I was downloading my Season Pass to Big Brother All Stars (Big Brother is my favorite reality show), I decided, “Hey, why don’t I download that program that strips unnecessary language files from OS X?” So I did, and I also noticed that it could strip the non-Intel based support files from Universal Binaries. Cool, right? Well, my inner tech support guy screamed, “Don’t do it! Back up first! Don’t do this on your production machine!” I ignored that voice and as a result, I am spending some of my energies this morning reinstalling OS X on my MacBook Pro. I mean the program worked, but as a side effect, none of my legacy programs, like Photoshop, would launch. Not only that, but when I tried to just reinstall Photoshop, I discovered that the installer wouldn’t launch either. Looks like some vital part of Rosetta went bye bye. Grrr… Hopefully, doing an Archive and Install will make everything work again…

Update: Archive and Install worked. We are now back to normal…

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  1. Same thing happened to me! I think I forgot to uncheck either the Rosetta or PPC libraries when using that app, and I ran into the same trouble. Ecto wouldn’t launch, Photoshop was fubared, and it seemed like a whole bunch of other OS quirks appeared. Until I have time to learn more about how those inner guts of Mac OS X work, I’m not touching apps like that again.

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