So you want to be a Netscape Anchor / Preditor?

Back in February, before the Netscape project was announced, I posted this job description over at Weblogs, Inc. From that search, we found Alexia Prichard, who has been amazing to work with and a great addition to our Netscape Anchor team. Alexia and Randall Bennett have been our two video professionals / all-in-one producers / editors (Preditors) on the site, and they’ve been knocking out some great videos on Netscape (tag: Netscape video).

Now we’re looking to expand our team with another Preditor / Anchor to help out with the East Coast coverage. This full-time position will entail traveling, writing and developing online video and audio content for Netscape (both podcasts and video podcasts). Applicants must be capable of scripting, planning, shooting, editing, and delivering content quickly and professionally to the Internet and in iPod and other PVP-compatible formats. Motion graphics experience is a plus.

If you think you fit the bill, send me an email (ck at newnetscape dot com) with subject line “Netscape Anchor / Preditor“, a cover letter, resume, and a link to both an online writing sample (your blog will do) and some online sample of your video work. Remember: we’re looking for a “one person band,” jack-of-all-trades who can do all this work without the benefit of a full film crew and staff.

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17 Responses to So you want to be a Netscape Anchor / Preditor?

  1. vishal says:

    i ll like to be a part of this but if i get to know that what benifit i ll get in terms of money will make it easy for me bcs i already like traveling and meeting new people.i m from india and live in punjab state

  2. anonymous says:

    you spelled predator wrong.that’s kind of stupid.

  3. Bill says:

    The possible I can do now, the impossible takes a little longer. What you need for this job is not a human being but a ROBOT would fit the job.

  4. Tom says:

    Hey anonymous,

    you are the moron….they are not trying to spell “predator”…it is “producer/editor” = preditor.

    You just disqualified yourslef from the position : )

  5. c.k. says:

    Yes. What Tom said.

  6. c.k. says:


    Yes. Robot applications are welcome.



  7. T.S. says:

    Generally speaking, if the pay for the job isn’t posted, then the pay for the job isn’t very good…

  8. Adfunk says:

    Nice deal man, I want this job!, but I’m asian and i cant write but i love to do video shooting and do some coverage about any activity here in Malaysia, I think i will give a shot.

  9. ROTFLMAO says:

    You need to post this on Craig’s List. That’s where you’ll find all the writers who are willing to take a screwing and thank you for it.

  10. Kathy says:

    I’m looking for something new in my life. I am a stay home mom in her late 30’s who is looking for a traveling career that involves writing and video production. I am good at Windows Movie Maker, and I just created a wonderful musical tribute to Matthew Labyorteaux. I have already been through college and I hold 2 degrees that are now collecting dust. As for a resume’ I have been everything a person needs to be in raising five children. I don’t know how serious you are, or if you would even consider a woman in my position. But, it sounds like something I would be interesting in doing. I have a question, does this position entail moving to the east coast of the U.S. or only traveling there to get reports? Please let me know, Thank You, Kathy Liu

  11. phi says:

    C.K. is this New York based or just east coast? Seeing how I’m located in DC.

  12. c.k. says:

    DC would be cool, but you’d have to travel to NYC semi-regularly.

  13. phi says:

    Great, I’ll be sending in my application ASAP then.

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  15. Hey there, CK! I’ve sent you an email, too. Hope you haven’t made a decision yet!

    Dave (TemplarScribe)

  16. DEREK YOUNG says:

    I’m a former journalism student,who decided to go into law enforcement,but I have a very popular blog on yahoo 360,that gives great examples of my writing ability.Hopefully that can be used as template for my skills.I’d love to be involved in a project of this magnitude.

  17. subbu says:

    take me in……………. I can bullshit a lot, Isnt that what the editors do!!!!!!

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