Netscape this post… with WordPress

So we already have a bookmarklet that will let you submit a story to Netscape. I wonder if adding a simple string as a link in my template will add a little per post submission field. Let’s test it.

Update: It didn’t work… Nevermind…

‘Nother update: I think it may work. It works! Here’s what you need to add to your template:

grrr… wordpress keeps mangling the code… hold on…

wordpress netscape code

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5 Responses to Netscape this post… with WordPress

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  2. Scott-O-Rama says:

    Hey CK-

    I was waiting for this! I figured out how to add it to the popular WP plug-in Sociable –

    I sent the developer the code. Let me know if you would like it too.

  3. Briansol says:

    Awesome. I’ve been looking for this!

    In exchange, try this plugin.

    it should help with your code formatting issues :)

  4. c.k. says:

    Awesome! Thanks, Briansol!

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