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Super bird


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We took over the main page last night. No more beta. before the URL to get to us, and there is a large morning rush going on, but things should settle down soon enough. This of course is wonderful news … Continue reading

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“P.S. you look like a dirty kid.”

*sigh* Don’t you just love it when someone puts something as magnificently beautiful as this in a post script to a comment in a thread? I do. Especially, when it is about Mike “Potter” Propst. That guy rules. ps—Congrats on … Continue reading

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Open House

We had an open house this afternoon. It’s odd to think a bunch of strangers were coming into our apartment, our home, while we were away today, critiquing the place, just as we’ve been critiquing all the places we’ve been … Continue reading

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I didn’t call it “Lousey”

…as they say here. All I did was state my misgivings about the story. Then I polled the audience about what they thought. Also, it’s interesting that the Consumerist decided to elipses over the part where I state that I’m … Continue reading

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Our new Netscape

I’m pooped. It’s been a marathon run the past several weeks leading up to the beta launch of our new Netscape, and I am relieved and overjoyed that I can now tell all my friends, family, and any person I … Continue reading

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Man, he got this wrong…

…but he did correct himself. This was just a glitch in the system writing the comment to another story. All fixed now, thanks to our kickass developers. In any case, I’m now a tag on Valleywag. Great.

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