2 things that disappoint: prom and the new X-men movie

I discovered that Prom, if you aren’t young and/or dancing is insanely disappointing. It was like attending a dry wedding.

Yesterday was more fun, as we went to the movies, then dinner, then bowling (YEAH!) with Laura, Mike, Terry, and Mags in celebration of Laura’s birthday. The only disappointing bit of the afternoon / night was the movie. The new X-Men movie goes out of its way to crap all over the tradition of the X-Men comics. I was disappointed that Stan Lee agreed to make a cameo at the beginning of the movie because of how poorly handled the movie was. Judged as a flat-out action movie, it wasn’t horrible, though it was a bit slow-paced. It was sad that the highlight of the film was a nice tip-of-the-hat to internet-culture and the Juggernaut video that has been bouncing around the web for a while now.

I jumped right out of the film when Charles passes by the Juggernaut with no recognition or comment from either one (note: they are supposed to be brothers in the comics). There were also lots of random mutants who were just thrown in with cool powers but no discussion of who they were or where they came from. Beast being a politician instead of a scientist was also disappointing. All the people that shouldn’t die dying was also disappointing as were a few people losing their mutant powers. I mean, the entire movie ignored years and years of great story lines from the comics and decided to “Hollywood up” the script. Really really disappointing.

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5 Responses to 2 things that disappoint: prom and the new X-men movie

  1. C.K.,

    I didn’t see the new X-men movie, so I’ll take your word for it. Listen, when you have a chance, shoot me a quick email. I need to hit you up for some summer employment. You know, if that’s cool . . .

  2. Neal_Saferstein says:

    imho the movie was always a different story between the comics and the movie as it. Maybe there were some things that movie writers MUST put on it, such as Wolferine stuff. The movie was cool, even if you were NOT a comic reader. cheers..

  3. Bill says:

    I saw the film with my teenage nephews, WOOF! It was bad.

  4. Josh Judd says:

    This one had a different director so that might explain the difference from the other two. Also, did you stay through until the end of the credits? There was a little bit more of the movie after them. I wont say what it is here just incase you did see it, but if you didn’t see it and you want to know, just e-mail me.

  5. c.k. says:

    Yes, Josh, I stayed through to the very end, which was cool, but you know, too little too late, I think.

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