Ordered a MacBook for Kristin (anyone want to buy a 12-inch Powerbook?)…

After Sunday’s outing to look at the new MacBooks, Kristin thought about it for a few days and then last night when she returned from dance one of the first things out of her mouth was “I want to get the MacBook.” I ordered it last night, and it should be here by end of next week.

At that time, we’ll copy all her old files over from the 12-inch Powerbook she’s been using over the last year or so and start looking to sell it. It’s in good shape and we just bought a new power adapter for it. The battery probably could use replacing, as it’s not been holding a charge like it used to, but overall it’s a good little machine.

Once we sell it and the MacBook arrives, we will have no more PPC-based Macs in the house, and we will have one of every Intel-based Mac. It’ll also be an odd moment for me, as I made my imprint on the internet talking about the 12-inch Powerbook. A Powerbook was my first Mac computer. Now they’re all MacBooks. Just a name change… and a processor… but still. Something odd in leaving it behind.

I think I’m starting to understand what my friends mean when they say I have a technolust problem…

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2 Responses to Ordered a MacBook for Kristin (anyone want to buy a 12-inch Powerbook?)…

  1. dan says:

    Yikes, I know what you mean :-)

  2. Dylan Gardner says:

    An Apple PowerBook 12″ was my first true Mac back in 2003 (I can’t really count my Performa 450 back in 1995 can I?). I have a black MacBook on order to replace the PowerBook. I am really looking forward to the switch.

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