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2 things that disappoint: prom and the new X-men movie

I discovered that Prom, if you aren’t young and/or dancing is insanely disappointing. It was like attending a dry wedding. Yesterday was more fun, as we went to the movies, then dinner, then bowling (YEAH!) with Laura, Mike, Terry, and … Continue reading

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So, as you may or may not know, my wife teaches high school. Tomorrow night, I’m going to the prom with my wife. I think this one writes itself somehow.

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CNN Money piece features one of my old Apple Matters articles…

Hadley just pinged me, pointing this story out. Check out the “helpful instructions” link. Thanks, Hadley!

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I think…

…that this may just be my favorite post of all time.

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Ordered a MacBook for Kristin (anyone want to buy a 12-inch Powerbook?)…

After Sunday’s outing to look at the new MacBooks, Kristin thought about it for a few days and then last night when she returned from dance one of the first things out of her mouth was “I want to get … Continue reading

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The Athlete’s Foot

So, yesterday, Kristin and I went to the Westchester Mall. I think we’re going to get her a new MacBook soon. Anyway, as we were walking along we passed The Athlete’s Foot, and I thought, “Who in their right mind … Continue reading

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Joystiq Booth Babes Tour

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