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Whoa. Russell Beattie is calling it quits on Too bad for all of us who read his notebook, although from the sounds of it, good for Russ. Advertisements

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What the? 3650anda12inch

Somebody stole my old blog… Grr… This is so weird. Somehow someone took over my blogspot address, and my site has been moved here: I am Jack’s seething anger…

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So, because I’m now working out of the house, because Kristin had this week off from work, and because my friend, Jason Ball has been raving about how great home grocery delivery is in London, we thought we’d give Internet … Continue reading

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Momma and baby girl

Momma and baby girl Originally uploaded by C.K. Sample, III. The day before Easter, Kristin and I went by Parrots of the World to pick up some more food for Misha, and while we were there we picked up our … Continue reading

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Our Wedding

406 Originally uploaded by C.K. Sample, III. Well, finally, a year and a half later, we received the last bits of our photo-package from the wedding, including the all important photo CD (which btw we were supposed to receive with … Continue reading

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Boing Boing: Life of a writer as a Zork adventure

Boing Boing: Life of a writer as a Zork adventure: > work on dissertation You go to the kitchen and eat cheese. This is much too much like the progress I seem to have made on my dissertation over the … Continue reading

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Allergies and Taxes…

…the two banes of my existence, decided to gang up and attack in the same week this year…

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