Valleywag: he think he can sell

So, check this out:

The day before all that Valleywag can drudge up on Jason is a simple typo, they themselves make a mistake on a previous post (which also happens to be about Jason).

I love hypocricy (get it?). So funny.

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3 Responses to Valleywag: he think he can sell

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  2. Nick Douglas says:

    Well, you got me. My random missed plural deep in a story is equivalent to his particularly ironic misspelled headline, sitting like an embarrassing floater on top of his blog.

    Damn, I’ll have to shut down the shop.

  3. c.k. says:

    Ah, but if you’re reading the RSS feed for the Calacanis string on VW, this post’s rather glaring error (at least to any grammar nut) was sitting directly beneath the post decrying Jason’s typo. So, in that context, it was a pretty funny bit of irony on its own, I thought.

    Don’t close shop, though. ;-)

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