AutoblogGreen is people…

So, I’m checking out Weblogs, Inc.’s newest blog, AutoblogGreen (and btw every time I read the name, I think out loud in my head [ie, I *actually* hear the voice in my head], “Soylent green is people!”), and I read this comment on the welcome post:

4. I prefer to “celebrate” Vladimir Lenin’s birthday instead of Earth Day. Same day (April 22nd), and ultimately, the same agenda. Posted at 7:33PM on Apr 22nd 2006 by Jesse 0 stars

*sigh* Jesse, I commend you. Your comment made me laugh out loud and I’m still not sure why. I think I’m just marveling at what a non sequitur it is in the thread.

ps–I laughed again as I decided to duplicate the comment in this post and include the 0 stars score.

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2 Responses to AutoblogGreen is people…

  1. Bill says:

    Those in the econazi movement are now called “watermelons”. Green on the outside but red on the inside. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, all those leftists had to find a place, nearly all went into the eco movement. The idea of celibrating Lenins b’day instead of earth day, is sardonic and yet, accurate.

  2. repubfan says:

    Yeah, what are they soooo concerned about saving the environment? They hate business and they hate success. It’s our world to do what we want with anyway. I’m supposed to care that way down the road there could be problems if we keep driving suv’s, polluting, and all that? Whatever. I’m for the here and now and if business is going to thrive, it can’t be shackled with these problems, regardless of what leftie “scientists” saying it’s our fault.

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