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An Interview…

Maxim Tarasov, a student at Western Wyoming College (and who seems to be associated in some way with this blog), wrote me earlier today asking for an interview for a class project he’s working on, in which he must interview … Continue reading

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Tools to organize

I had to give my Razr the boot. It was an okay cell phone, but it wasn’t doing well at handling all the smart things I need, like email, web-browsing, and chat. So, I grabbed a Cingular 8125 (here’s some … Continue reading

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gapingvoid: when god

This made me laugh. Even better than the tried and true poking fun at Winer is Hugh’s response in the comments to someone saying it says more about him than about Winer. Love it. Really all ties in to what … Continue reading

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C.K., why haven’t you been posting like crazy?

Well, title to this post, because I’ve been super duper busy. That has not changed, but I’m still waiting for the coffee to take effect this morning, so I thought I’d jump start my synapses by getting a little blogging … Continue reading

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Daring Fireball: The Annals of Journalism

Ha ha! This is a good breakdown of why ThinkSecret isn’t all that amazing and why it is sad that a lot of the Mac web follows them so faithfully and that I fully agree with: Daring Fireball: The Annals … Continue reading

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