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Cablevision outage

I’m posting this from my cellphone, which is currently the only machine in my house with internet connectivity. Cablevision cable is down. The first few times I called I received a message saying “Due to high call volume, we cannot take your call.” ?! So, anyway, I kept calling and am now on hold, hoping to find some sort of ETA on the connectivity returning.

Productivity hits a dead nothingness when things like this happen. Grr…

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  • Dossy Shiobara 3/31/2006, 1:26 pm

    Cable outage? C.K., you should watch this:


    It won’t fix your problems, but maybe you’ll be able to laugh at your situation a bit.

    (Of course, you’ll have to wait until your connectivity is back before you can watch it, but … the thought is there.)