Boing Boing on David

This is dumb. Michelangelo’s David is not in poor taste and should not be censored, but that button that BoingBoing is promoting *is* in poor taste, both because it’s a partial look at a masterpiece of art and one that debases the entire sculpture. I mean, I’m all for being anti-censorship, but people *should* censor tacky buttons like that one, b/c of how they are tacky and devalue the art in its pure form. Yeesh!

ps–Yes, I am saying that tackiness should be censored.


Today the cold smacked me in the face…

…as I walked out my front door on the way to a meeting and I was immediately coughing and with headache. It’s as if the cold that I had several weeks back had been sitting around waiting for me to venture out into some really cold weather and attack me once again. I mean, full bronchitis-type hard coughing and feeling out of it. However, once I was indoors again, it all subsided and I am left just with a headache and a slight bit of stuffiness.

I hope this was just some odd fluke and not some horrible foreshadowing to yet another cold.

I am getting old…

So, somehow, in the middle of the night last night, I wrenched my back out of its normal comfort zone and it’s been killing me all day. I think it was a combination of the muscle that I slightly pulled in my back last week while shoveling snow, compounded by my going around on the floor yesterday, twisting this way and that, putting carpet tape underneath the Flor carpet that we installed recently (and which has, since then, begun to move here and there, slightly out of place).

It’s feeling better than it did this morning, so I think I’m improving, but yikes. I’ve never done this before, and I never expected the first time that I “threw my back out” that it would occur while I was sleeping. Made me feel older today…