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I’m tired. I’m in Utah, helping the Cinematical and Blogging Sundance teams cover all that can be covered at Sundance. We’re rocking the coverage with tons of reviews and a slew of mini-video reviews. It’s fun and exciting but I’m … Continue reading

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Oof. Catching an early plane to Utah. It doesn’t help that I couldn’t go to bed early last night, because UPS arrived with my Dell monitor and my APC UPS (so, of course, I had to stay up late, unpacking … Continue reading

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PSP HACKS! Originally uploaded by C.K. Sample, III. Just got my copy thanks to FedEx. w00t! Order away, people! Make me RICH!

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UPS sucks

I often wonder what kind of morons run UPS. I received a phone call this morning from Dell about the monitor I ordered from them and which I have been expecting for a little while now. They said that UPS … Continue reading

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I would’ve posted this on TUAW…

…but I was worried it would eat through my .Mac bandwidth. Today, I discovered the dangers of Photo Booth and iWeb.

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