Overly sensitive allergies…

…or why I get upper respiratory infections at the drop of a speck of pollen.

Growing up, I had two wishes that were part of nearly every prayer. One was that I could see without glasses or contacts, and eventually, thanks to a gift from my parents and the wonders of science, I had LASIK surgery and now have 20/16 vision.

The other wish was that I would no longer have allergies. I’m still waiting on this wish. Moving from the thin clean cold air of Park City, Utah to the thick dirty warm air of New York has me stuffed up and blowing my nose semi-regularly. It’s not fun.

Maybe I should call the doctor and get some antibiotics….

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One Response to Overly sensitive allergies…

  1. Evers says:

    CK —

    Allergy shots, my friend. Allergy shots.

    From the time I was 17, my allergies got worse every year. When I moved to Maryland, they exploded. I was having sinus infections constantly. Part of that problem was a deviated septum (the inside of my shnozz looked like a question mark written in some sort of Halloween type font) which was fixed via outpatient surgery. But the underlying problem has been largely fixed with shots. I still have problems, but they are WAY minor.

    Once a week, then every 2 weeks, then every 3 weeks. It’s the way to go.

    Good luck, and peace!

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