Oof. Catching an early plane to Utah.

It doesn’t help that I couldn’t go to bed early last night, because UPS arrived with my Dell monitor and my APC UPS (so, of course, I had to stay up late, unpacking and setting things up; Side note: Monitor spanning on the new Dual Core iMac works like a charm). Chris, the UPS delivery guy (nice guy), and I had a nice chat at delivery, where he explained that they’ve been having some issues with false orders of technology, so some things like the Dell monitor get put on delay rather than being sent when they are supposed to; so it wasn’t the idiotic Bronx / Bronxville mixup that I originally assumed. Anyway, he made note of how long I’d been living here and that I will be working out of the home and have more deliveries, so hopefully problem solved.

Thing is, he was super apologetic and nice, to the point where I started thinking that either the Dell rep that I spoke with the other day on the phone told UPS that I said they were incompetent OR that someone from UPS actually saw my post. I’m not retracting anything here, mind you. Even though it was all finally resolved, I consider the whole thing a botched delivery job and a small ball of stress and time suck that I don’t want to have to deal with every time I order something. However, I am glad that UPS / Chris were very open and thorough with an explanation, so we’ll see how future deliveries work themselves out.