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UPS sucks

I often wonder what kind of morons run UPS. I received a phone call this morning from Dell about the monitor I ordered from them and which I have been expecting for a little while now. They said that UPS said that the address on the package didn’t exist. I had the Dell rep read the address to me. It was correct and mine, so I said, “That’s the right address. It does exist. UPS is incompetent and you shouldn’t use them.” I also was, according to the tracking info on J&R, supposed to receive an APC UPS via UPS (ha!) today. It never came.

So, I decide to go to both tracking tickets online. Both tickets had the same exact message: “A CORRECT COMPANY OR RECEIVER NAME IS NEEDED FOR DELIVERY. UPS IS ATTEMPTING TO OBTAIN THIS INFORMATION;THE ADDRESS HAS BEEN CORRECTED. THE DELIVERY HAS BEEN RESCHEDULED.” The incompetent sorters and delivery people at UPS read BRONXVILLE on both of these packages and routed them on BRONX UPS trucks today. Stupid, but all too common mistake. Try glancing at the ZIP code once in a while, UPS. Stop wasting my time.

I encourage all businesses if they want my business to consider dropping UPS and using FedEx or DHL. UPS, first you ruined your classic logo, and now you just suck.

//rant off

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  • Callum 1/20/2006, 5:47 am

    I know this all to well. But I can’t believe you’ve just got your hands on a new iMac and are already thinking about upgrading your dell monitor CK.

  • richard 1/24/2006, 1:43 am

    Yeah, I avoid UPS like the plague as well.. They totally “lost” my package once even though it made it all the way TO MY DOOR the previous day. They left an InfoNotice and said they would deliver the next day. I stayed all day..UPS never came. I drove to the UPS warehouse. They couldn’t find it. They got the driver to pull over and search his truck.. he couldn’t find it either. Morons. If I must use UPS, I get it delivered to work, where we know the UPS guy by name and where someone is always there to receive the package the first time.

  • steve 2/11/2006, 5:48 pm

    UPS are a bunch of no-talent ass clowns. DHL and FEDEX know whats up. What can brown do for ME today? burn in hell.

  • Shawn Honnick 4/5/2006, 1:34 pm

    I agree with never doing business with anyone who offers nothing but UPS as their shipping option. I am having some trouble with them this week on a new notebook that is coming from Japan (see my link). UPS really sucks. Bad.

  • Draka 6/21/2006, 12:28 am

    Whoohooo! i was just searching for a site abt how much UPS sucks. Every experience with them was unpleasant. Recently, I had a couple of packages shipped to me by some moron who used UPS. They had to get some one to sign for the items. Since I would be away most of the day (they deliver in the afternoon), I thought it would be a good idea to pick it up personally (I was fooled by their zip code, which sounded close by). I dont have access to a car and didnt realize that i had to take public transportation (which is sporadic at this time) to go there. Unknowingly, therefore I asked the packages to be held for pickup. After realizing this mistake, I tried talking to UPS service reps abt this; but they were unhelpful and told me that they couldnt undo the held for pickup request.

    My main problem here with UPS is that i should not pay more to pickup a package that I already paid (shipping charges) for. This may be ok with ppl who have cars (I realize that majority of ppl in th e US have cars), but what abt the small minority ? I dont understand why they could not undo the hold request after only 2h. It is not like I placed hold request and changed my mind after a couple of days. I think UPS needs to be more customer friendly and cut its red tape. I think of it as a behemoth moving stuff around without any personal feelings or emotions. I wudnt want to work as a UPS courier, personally.

    One thing is for sure, I am not going to use UPS to mail things in the near future.

  • John 6/23/2006, 11:20 pm

    Wow, I thought I was the only one plagued by ups. They have a habit of leaving packages on my front door without even notifying me that there here ( I had the tv on and the door was open..geesch knock) and the a couple of times I oredered some items and they were scheduled to arrive on a friday ( the party day )and low and behold when I go online the next day they apparently rescheduled delievery for the following Monday with no explanation ( I guess the driver was re-doing his schedule so he can get off early or some other moron reason) I emailed ups but recieved no answer..customer service huh ? What happend to that comercial they had not too long ago about them improving their services ? Nice publicity stunt. But I do try to use DHL as my carrier but many businesses dont have that option. But for sure I try to avoid them as much as possible. What can brown do for me…revamp your whole company, listen to customers Complaints !

  • Steve 6/24/2006, 6:32 am

    Dell I hope your reading these comments. What is the point of even trying to have the package come to the house. UPS delivers at times that most people are at work, my secound delivery attempt was four and a half hours earlier than the message said it would be. Explination: It’s just an estimate, I wish I could estimate jobs that far off. Next week I’m taking time from work to go pick it up from the delivery center, hoping it will be there. I really appreciate my local United States Post Office now more than ever. How a company as well put together as Dell has gotten involved with UPS is a mystery. Brown you need to turn it around or your going to be shipped out of town.

  • Steve 6/26/2006, 1:09 pm

    Okay, Okay, Okay, they got me again. Went to pick up the packages at the center—-Nope—-they are on the truck. WTFO. Women behind the counter say’s hold up on the comments, explitives, whatever let me get the manager I’ve heard enough of this being the counter person. I’m looking around the counter seeing all the other poor suckers Dell boxes sitting waiting for pick up. Oh this company must be totally messed up from top to bottom, in need of a major overhaul.

  • ernie 8/23/2006, 11:51 pm

    I wish we could all just boycott those ups jerks .. .read this … http://ernsworld.com/?p=142

  • RobP 9/2/2006, 4:07 pm

    UPS ground shipped items into Canada are where Canadians really get screwed. UPS charges duty,brokerage and other hidden fees. I go screwed once by them but the second time I
    had told the seller no UPS. He sent it anyway and I refused to accept the item and got my money back. If we all say NO UPS to Canada maybe they will change there ripoff practises.
    UPS charges can be greater then the item purchased. If you think UPS sucks in the U.S. try receiving shipments via U.S.

  • ROMO 9/6/2006, 9:35 pm

    God dam I hate UPS! Do they have Retards or Monkeys working for them…or maybe Retarded Monkeys?…Sorry that statement gives UPS just a little to much credit. All of my packages have arrived in one piece (thank god, and I sorry for the other victims of UPS).

    However I have NEVER had one package arrive on time…or even the day after. Take for instance; two days ago I was outside my office door smoking and the UPS driver cruses right by….I figure he was going to turn around at the end of the court (he actually cut down the alley). However a few hours later nothing, nada, zip. Where the hell did he go? So I called UPS to ask where was my package. The woman on the phone said that the “driver attempted to deliver the package and no one was at the location.” First of all the “location” is an office with 20 employees, and secondly the lazy basted drove right past me. She (woman on the phone) apologized…bla, bla, bla. She guaranteed me that the package defiantly would arrive tomorrow (yesterday). Again no package, followed up with another call form me…and of course I got some lame bull shit story how the package ended on another truck (like magic) and the package will defiantly arrive tomorrow…..I wont hold my breath..it is the 5th instance like this.

    On another note “FedEx Rocks” With FedEx I have also NEVER received my package on the scheduled delivery date….You want to know why?….because they have always showed up early (1-2 days early). Keep up the good work FedEx. …UPS “You Suck Retarded Monkey Balls”

  • Scott 9/15/2006, 9:49 am

    UPS does suck. I worked for UPS for only 2 days then I just quit, its such a bunch of crap. One of the main reasons why customers don’t get their package is because a lot of UPS employees steal packages. In fact, when I went to their warehouse to do my interview I saw these two guys sitting there in hand cuffs. I asked the cop what was going on and he said that these employees tried to steal a box of ipods worth a good 500 bucks. Avoid UPS at all cost.

  • c.s w/ups 9/23/2006, 10:31 pm

    all of you had bad experiences with my company possibly due to the fact that you are morons incapable of keeping your bitches and moans down before your packages are even due. Considering that this site is provided by fed-x and that all comments were posted by fed-x and the chumps

  • c.k. 9/23/2006, 10:47 pm

    C.S., I have no affiliation whatsoever with FedEx, nor does my blog.

  • Projekt 10/8/2006, 9:53 pm

    c.s., – your probably one of the monkeys that work for UPS.

    but lets see what can you say about my story on UPS.

    My friend shipped me a late birthday present through UPS. from US to Canada. it took about 1 week to arrive which i dont mind because im not in a hurry. but by the time it got here. they were charging me for $50 fee. so i just said that i dont have the money to pay for it now(coz i dont). they said they will deliver it again. So i called my friend and told him about the charges. he was so mad himself because he paid for the shipping and mark the item as-is(a gift) and i also found out the the item is worth $25USD. Thats right! a $25 item and charge me $50 for it. I was really pissed. but i dont want to send it back because its already here. might as well pay for it and just get it over with. and that is the last time i will ever deal with those bastards!

    so c.s. tell me what i did wrong. coz the only wrong i could think of doing is paying for the item.

    and for all the canadian thinking of using UPS service. DONT!. but if you still decided to use it. then be prepared for the brokage fees.

  • Seaking 11/13/2006, 7:08 pm

    UPS Sucks canal water to no end and are a thorn in the Canadian buyer’s rear. Why? Lemmee tell ya why.

    Many US companies wish to ship to their Canadian customers will use UPS because they are cheaper to use and will come to their door to pick up the parcel. What little do they that UPS DOES charge the Canadian customer a ridiculourly large “Brokerage” fee for the privilege of having that parcel delivered. We know we have to pay the GST for the item, but when a $40 to $125 brokerage fee is attached to the bill, well fuggettit.

    Yes, for the selling company in the USA shipping to Canada, yes, it is cheaper to ship UPS to Canada. But it’s a rip off scam. That company thinks in good faith that they are saving their customers money on the shipping, but fail to realize that those savings are clawed back at the customer end. What makes it worse, is that I can hire a brokerage firm to slide the package across the lines for $22 flat rate but UPS doesn’t allow me that option. It’s their inflated rate or not at all.

    Case in point. I ordered a $69 motorcycle part online and asked it to be delivered USPS. I get a notice that they tried to deliver it to the door but no one was home to pay the $55 fee!! $55 for a $69 part?? Are they nuts? When chumpychump shows up at the door to collect and deliver, I’m sending it back and requesting a refund.

    Shop ONLY at places that won’t ONLY use UPS as it’s a rip off. Plain and SIMPLE.

    And UPS had the BALLS to want to sue Postal Canada for unfair trade practices, saying they can’t get their foot in the door up here because Postal Canada has too much of an infrastructure to compete with.. Huh? They are out to lunch!

    How bad is UPS? Try UPS SUCKS on google and see how many hits you get.

  • Bekz 12/3/2006, 6:07 pm

    NEVER use UPS for shipping anything from the US to Canada. I just had a parcel worth 189 USD arrive. Their website states 37.60 CAN for brokerage and customs for parcels between 200 and 300 CAN. When the UPS guy left the tag on my door they told me it would be 67 CAN for brokerage.

    USPS would have charged me a bit more to ship, but I know I would have only paid a 5.00 handling fee actual GST (I believe we don’t pay PST on imported goods in Saskatchewan).

    Always USPS.

    I am going to call those assholes tomorrow to find out what the hell is going on but I am sure it will be pointless.

    Fuck you UPS. No really go to fucking hell.

  • Don 12/18/2006, 5:24 pm

    Okay, I ordered a product that was to be shipped by UPS. The package made it from Alabama to Los Angeles in 4 days. It then sat in the UPS warehouse in Los Angeles for 11 days before being delivered to my home Pasadena. But that’s not the funny part.

    A guy named Juan called from UPS to schedule our delivery. We set a time and date and luckily, I was off work so I could sit at home for a delivery sometime between 10am and 2pm.
    At 2:15pm, Juan called to say the delivery would not happen because they lost/could not find my shipment. Now when I say package, I mean a table and 4 barstools on a pallet. That’s what they lost. Juan said he would call me back and 3 hours later, I called his office because I had heard nothing about our lost shipment.

    That was phase 1.

    Next, I get a UPS supervisor on the phone. Okay, our shipment has been sitting in your warehouse for 10 days, scheduled a delivery for today and 15 minutes after the shipment is due, I’m called to be told that my shipment is lost. After the assurance that everything that can be done will be done, I hang up wondering how you lose a table and 4 chairs.

    The following day, I get a call from Juan “we found your package and we would like to reschedule you delivery”. This call came at 4pm with the addendum of “I’ll be in my office ’til 4:30”. I get home at 4:35, return the call and of course, Juan is on his way to happy hour somewhere.

    The next day, I get up and get ahold of Juan. We reschedule the delivery for sometime between 10 and 2pm that day. At 3pm I get a call from UPS. This time it’s some poor unsuspecting co-worker of Juan who Juan tells “call this guy and schedule a delivery time”. I ask the poor guy, “do you realize that this delivery has been scheduled twice now and was lost in your warehouse for 10 days?”. He replies, “no, I just got handed this work order with the instructions to call you and schedule delivery”. So this is on Friday. I asked if we could schedule a Saturday delivery since at this point I’ve already takes 2 days off from work. The guy tell me yes, but it would an extra charge. UPS is going to charge me extra to deliver a package that has been lost in their warehouse for 11 days. Needless to say, I’m not paying extra for this.

    We finally receive our package the following Monday – 14 days after it arrived in LA.

    Just a note. I work in the film business and I have shipped packages all over the world via Fed Ex. In the 10 years I have used Fed Ex, I have never had this type of problem and given the choice, I will always use Fed Ex. I also called the manufacturer I ordered the table from and told them that maybe they should consider using a different shipping service.

  • John Irby 12/24/2006, 1:13 pm

    I know from experience that UPS doesn’t work for me, but FecEx and DHL are both probably worse. I keep a log of businesses that use UPS and FeDex so that I don’t use them unless there’s no other way. I prefer USPS because I live in an apartment and most apartments have a locked parcel box so that when you pick up your letter mail, they leave a key to the parcel box in with your letter mail if you have a parcel. If the parcel is too big for the parcel box, they attempt to deliver it to your apartment. If that fails, they leave a note in with your letter mail that you can pick it up at the station, which is almost always closer than a FedEx or UPS station.

  • Jason Minvielle 12/30/2006, 1:48 pm

    I agree that UPS bites the big one. I ordered used goalie equipment from EBay and the guy was going to ship it US Postal Sevice. He wrote on the package that I wanted customs brokerage handled by a local customs broker who was going to charge me around $30. I paid $500 for the equipment which is what the original UPS paperwork said. Somewhere along the lin some UPS loser employee changed the Value For Duty to ovver $1636.00!! Based on what? It was used equipment. If it was worth $1636 than that is what the seller shopuld have got for it but he didn’t. To m ake matters worse UPS unilaterally decided that they would do me the favour of handling my customs brokerage. Instead of charging me the $30 I got charged a broker fee of $58.15 for one box and $69.60 for the other. It was a single shipment comprising two boxes!!!

    Anyways, the driver had me by the balls because I had a game the next night so I gave him my Visa and he swiped it and it went though (or so I thought). Few months later and I get a notice in the mail that it has gone to collections!!! I’m sitting there thinking WTF? It says they have repeatedly tried to contact me. Excuse me? I am available by phone at work and home, email and by post. Which method did they try repeatedly?

    I agree with an earlier writer that they should burn in hell.

    I will do what those other writers suggest in the future and state that any shipments coming by UPS will be REFUSED!!!!

  • UPS IS FUCKING SCUM 1/16/2007, 5:50 pm

    Every last one of them is a fucking DOG!

    A fucking animal that should be shot and thrown off of bridges, the stupid, lying fucking scumballs.


  • c.k. 1/16/2007, 5:52 pm


  • UPS IS FUCKING SCUM 1/16/2007, 6:13 pm


    fuckING ANIMALS!

    Worthless fucjkin [og ece of sjhit!

  • UPS IS FUCKING SCUM 1/16/2007, 6:15 pm

    fucking sSCUM!










  • Andrew Hersch 1/29/2007, 6:26 pm

    UPS is completely worthless. They also completely lost one of my packages. I always thought they were the cheapest but I stumbled across http://www.shippingsidekick.com on the internet and low and behold FedEx was usually cheaper anyway. I will never ship UPS unless there is a monstrous price difference.

  • CS 2/1/2007, 2:37 am

    I have read all the blogs and agree that UPS has a lot to work on. One thing that ticks me off is idiots who complain about things they know nothing about. There are many things I would like to mention but I will wait on some, the one I can’t hold off on is the one for people in Canada receiving packages via UPS, or for peopel shipping to Canada via UPS. UPS DOES NOT CHARGE BROKERAGE FEES!!!!! When a package goes into any country other than the country of origin that countries customs department assesses custom fees that are set by that governement (in this case Canada). To expedite the process UPS pays the customs fees. In turn, the receiver must reimburse UPS for those fees that have nothing to do with UPS but with customs. If you have issues with that contact your local customs office. What, you think UPS is gonna pay your custom fees for you? get a clue.

    • Jason Minvielle 2/4/2010, 12:45 pm

      God you are an asshole. You are the one that doesn’t have a clue.

  • CS 2/1/2007, 2:41 am

    Oh, and another thing. Jason Minvielle, you are a lying sack of shit. You didnt give the UPS driver your Visa because the only currency UPS drivers can take is personal checks or money orders. They dont have the equipment to swipe cards or the time. The checks they collect for COD’s are sent to the shipper not to UPS, unless they are for brokerage fees they have paid in your behalf. Lying ass, if your gonna dog somebody at least get your shit straight.

    • Jason Minvielle 2/4/2010, 12:39 pm

      He did take my visa asswipe and I don’t recall seeing you there when he did you fucking retard. If you were there I would punch you in your stupid face. UPS is the only company that charges ridiculous fees for customs clearance period end of story. Purolator and FedEx are always better.

  • hw 2/3/2007, 12:03 am

    UPS SUCKS ROYALLY!!! I am awaiting a package since Jan.30. which arrived at the DAMN CENTER where its to be shipped out for delivery. 4 days have gone by and NO FUCKEN PACKAGE!!! 4 FUCKEN DAYS it says OUT FOR DELIVERY!!! I got a yellow sticker that says only: Date: 31/1/7 Name:…..(my name) 1Pkg Brokerage C.0.D due: $51.64
    Everytime I call to complain, I get a damn excuse. Not even 1 attempt to deliver. By the way, UPS DOES CHARGE BROKERAGE FEES to Canada, you moran. On $ 97.91 Canadian $$, they are charging me $ 51.64 BROKERAGE FEES!!! They fucken told me I can pay by cheque, cash & CREDIT CARD!! Ya, pay………WHERE’S MY FUCKEN PACKAGE UPS? YOU FUCKEN MORANS !!! Does anyone have the address of UPS headquarters? I live in Canada.

  • John 2/5/2007, 1:49 pm

    UPS World Headquarters
    55 Glenlake Parkway NE
    Atlanta , GA 30328
    Tel.: 1-800-PICK-UPS

    “I had a claim in and have not heard from a single soul about it. I called last Friday Jan. 26th and was told the package was ‘being located’. On Monday, 29th I was told the package was delivered when it was not. I asked for an investigation, did not hear anything back; I called again on Thursday, Feb 1, to be told that there was no investigation as of yet and that the driver was being sent around the house for an ‘inspection’ and someone would call. I called today to be told they began an investigation Thursday, but the driver wasn’t in for a few days to do a “visual inspection” to see if he sees it around my home…” John S. PS- (I live in a private suburban home, with a computer repair biz, which requires me to receive at least a dozen packages a week from other delivery services, which I receive with NO problem. No one in the computer repair biz ever trusts UPS.)

  • M 2/10/2007, 11:06 pm

    whoa, why do you have to go calling people names! especially when YOU ARE THE ONE WHO IS WRONG! UPS DOES CHARGE BROKERAGE FEES! Canada Customs only charges duty and taxes, which many of us know we will be subject to. It is those UPS scammers who do the customs clearing for you without asking your permission, and for this minor service they charge insane fees that you never agreed to pay in the first place! They charge the highest brokerage fees of any of the shippers I have seen, and these fees exceed 50% of the purchase price and sometimes reach 100%! UPS is supposed to obtain your permission to do the customs clearing but they do not! If anyone here is asked to pay these fees, REFUSE the package unless they can produce a form with your signed consent for them to act on your behalf for customs clearing. When they cannot, you are not legally obliged to accept the package. They should send it back to re-do customs clearing, and you can this time act as your own broker. You will just have to sign a couple forms and pay whatever duty and taxes.

  • chuck goolsbee 2/11/2007, 8:15 pm

    I’m going through a similar ordeal, except in this case the shipment is a US Passport, with a student visa for my son. He is leaving in literally hours, and we still don’t have the passport, despite the fact that we paid for delivery yesterday.


    Never again will I trust these people with ANYTHING.


  • BD 2/22/2007, 4:08 pm

    I have no affiliation with FedEx either. I will never, ever again spend another dime with UPS. They just lost a very expensive piece of musical equipment after misrouting it no less than four times, despite the fact that the address was correct. Then both the shipper and I were lied to repeatedly over a period of four days by numerous UPS customer service reps while UPS attempted to stall us and figure out how they fucked up so thoroughly. They finally admitted the fourth day that they’d lost the package…. a 75 lb box with a guitar amp inside. How do you “lose” a 2ft X 3ft 75lb box?

    I’ll never spend another dime with them

  • Daniel 3/8/2007, 4:04 pm

    It happens a lot to me when i purchase, and so i have decided to quit on UPS, FedEx, and all private deliverers as they are all a bunch of good-for-nothing services. I will only use USPS unless there is no other option, because today with UPS was the drop to spill the cup

    I bought something about a couple weeks ago, and after getting my second attempt, I called to schedule a pick up. I do not have a car, so i fully rely on the public transportation that my city provides (buses), which offers LIMITED service to where UPS and FedEx are. I return today from college, and after planning earlier my trip schedule to their warehouse, I find a final attempt note. I call them (very disappointed)to see that those MORONS did not comply with their promise of holding my pack. To the point, they tell me that they NEVER got the notice from their (useless) agent, so I schedule the pick up once more, and i get the call** [[(they say for URGENT cases they can take up to 1 HOUR to call back…) I wander what would happen if the medicine that can save your life is the package, (thanks God not my case, but you get the point i hope)]] **and they tell me that i have to pick up the package after 7 pm (when their facility closes at 6:30 and there are no more buses to the area after 6 MORONS)

    Finally I’m going to try picking it up tomorrow and if i fail, I guess I’ll post here again.

    Final note: in my opinion, a company that size cant be handed to NEWBIES that barely got an undergrad degree in business

  • Daniel 3/8/2007, 4:05 pm

    oh yeah and yes UPS SUCKS BIG TIME. End of rant

  • Jerry Arredondo 4/25/2007, 1:19 pm

    I’m not using UPS anymore……

    UPS problem is “Management” they think they are the greatest, and don’t know what’s going on outside.

    I doubt that a person from customer service has been “outside” on their trucks and know how the packages are handled…….

    Thieves are working for UPS…

  • A.V in Toronto 5/8/2007, 4:45 pm

    Unfortunatly, I lost my cell phone. I called Rogers on Monday May 7, and they shipped the same day. It sent out for delivery on May 8th (they shipped from 30km away). At 2:45 I was in my kitchen, making some perogies, and the UPS driver snuk up to my door, placed a sign on the door, and took off. There was NO knock, or if there was, it was so quiet a mouse would have been louder.

    I called UPS as soon as I saw the notice, and for the last three hours have been working on ways to get my phone. I will refuse the delivery and get Rogers to send Canada Post, Purolator (their depot is at Finch and Midland, not far from me and on a frequent bus run), where as UPS’s is out 2900 Steeles Ave WEST, meaning I have to take at LEAST THREE busses and the Sheppherd subway to get there. That’s about THREE HOURS each way of travel. (I’m 10 min south Scarborough Town Center)

    Unfortunatly Rogers being as stupid, refuses to use any other curiour. I’m now in the process of cancelling mjy phone since I’m not going to put up with th is stuff. (then again, any Ontarian knows Rogers sucks)

  • Jamie Kay 5/23/2007, 6:17 pm

    I bought an antique chandelier in Alabama and had the store send it to my home in IL via UPS. The damage to the piece was going to cost what I’d paid for it. The store had actually insured it for $200 more than I’d actually paid so they paid a premium for insurance. UPS asked for a copy of the original invoice from the store. When they saw that the damage was equal to the original price they offered to pay 20% less than what I had paid for the piece and let me make up the difference if I wanted it repaired OR they would give me replacement value but they want the chandelier. What the Hell are they going to do with it? Do they have a warehouse somewhere with broken stuff that they sell? I think this is so petty. Also there is no customer service. The woman I spoke with is named Michelle, she is a third party hired to handle claims and couldn’t care less if anyone uses UPS. There has to be a better way to ship stuff. This has taken me a month and yes, at least I am supposed to get a check, but all I wanted was the damn chandelier.

  • Bruce 5/23/2007, 11:51 pm

    I ordered 2nd day air, it shipped Monday.

    I got home 7pm Wednesday and there was NO package and NO slip.

    I checkednline and it says “still out for delivery”

    I open the front door at 7:30 and waited. NO arrival. So I called UPS. The VERY RUDE operator interupted my question to tell me it was still “out on delivery”. She says, “we have untill 7pm to deliver.”

    I said that it was already 7:52. She interupted that “the delivery was still out” and hung up!

    I left the door open and stood therte for 25 minutes then checked the computer again and the screen said that a delivery was “attempted at 7:57 and no response was recieved.”


    In follow-up phone calls, they “apologize” but said they couldn’t give me a refund for the wasted 2nd day air, only the branch (outlet) could.

    Tommorrow (Thursday) I will go to their distribution point, with is only open for 2 HOURS (4pm to 6pm) and know they will cover-up the lazy piece of dried-up dog crap with an excuse.

    “How will brown sh*t on you today”

    Make sure you tell the truthful stories to all who will listen so they can also boycott “brown”!!!!

  • Sharif elbanna 5/25/2007, 4:52 am

    Hey guys,
    UPS has no business ethics, whatsover. I am here in Egypt and my friend just sent me my Windows Vista upgrade cd software, that Dell offered me to send for free, when I bought my laptop in December. Anyways, so I’m right here in Egypt finishing some stuff, so I had my family send it to me via UPS. First of all they paid double what they would pay if they shipped USPS international. alright. add to that, they charged a duty fee for the software of about 50 EGP($9). Ok and because UPS handed the package to the duty officers and the took it, UPS CHARGES another fee of 100 EGP ($20)… They told me if you don’t want to pay… you’re not gonna receive it. The manager when I called talked to me like I’m not nothing because I am not the sender!! So tell me what this is. Stress, more money, worst CS EVAR!!!

  • Dutch 5/25/2007, 10:56 pm

    Like the person about halfway up these responses, I have never had a UPS package delivery come smoothly to my house. Even their comments on the delivery notice sound rude (i.e. “Customer NOT IN DIRECTORY!!”). Every time something is shipped to my apartment via UPS, I end up trudging over to their warehouse and have to wait 45 minutes to an hour for my package.

    Today, I check the tracking on my package and it states “Package not delivered – Incorrect address.” I check the address and it is the correct one. I believe the delivery person probably stopped for an early Friday afternoon beer and decided he/she didn’t have time to run by my condo complex.

    This type of thing gets repeated almost every time I do business with someone who uses UPS. I’m seriously thinking about NOT doing business with someone who only uses UPS. I’ve never had problems with DHL, USPS and FedEx.

  • Rick 5/28/2007, 12:12 pm

    UPS Steals packages. Martina McBride’s parents try to send her packages but for some reason they never get to her. I wonder why!

  • D Griff 5/30/2007, 7:03 pm

    Let me chime in here on this one. I ordered an item from Amazon with 2 day shipping. Guess what, and I know it is a measly extra day, but shipping with UPS is now going to take 4 days. I’ve been checking the tracking number, and the package has been sitting in their warehouse or a truck for 2 days. Gdammitt, it could have been delivered already if someone was THINKING at UPS. They don’t have to worry, I will NEVER send anything via UPS. I have never had any problems with USPS or FEDEX. UPS SUCKS


  • PACKAGES FROM UPS ARE IN HELL 6/29/2007, 9:48 pm

    UPS SUCKS, plain and simple.

    I’ve been waiting for 4 days for a package from them.

    First they tried to mail it to my PO Box. Well hello, if you don’t deliver to PO Boxes, why the hell would you accept an order from a vendor with a PO fuk’n Box.

    Second, they tried to deliver to the WRONG ADDRESS. For two days they were trying to deliver to the wrong address and, DUH, no one emailed or called.

    I called 3 days ago and a rep said she would switch the address. HELLO up to last night no luck. But guess what a rep did make the change finally, only thing, the package still hasn’t been delivered.

    And on their website they give some LAME excuses that are boiler plate bullshit. Now tonight I’ve been on the phone for over an hours, been transfered to the Supervisors, who didn’t seem to care or were clueless.

    One of the earlier reps told me I would have to wait till Monday. HELOOOOO my meetings I’ve missed already (most of them) but have one SATURDAY. Can UPS even spell CUSTOMER SERVICEEE?

    So my prayer is that they’ll let me pick up my package from their Warehouse, and I’ll NEVER DO BUSINESS with these SCUM BAGS again. ANyway I’m still on the phone on hold.

    I am so ANGRY, and defiled, and pissed off. UPS SUCKS. And they don’t seem to care how they treat you!!

    Even if I have to pay more $$$ I’ll go with ANY OTHER FIRM (Except the USPS) cause the Postal service sucks also. Dam you pay for a service and these big damn companies treat you like TRASH, and their reps know it so they don’t care either!!!!!!!!!!!! Mad as hell at UPS. Scum bag, piles of horse doo doo.

  • UPS SUCKS 7/26/2007, 11:25 am

    Shipping was supposed to be less than or equal to 3 days. It has been a week and their stupid tracking info just says “Billing information received” (The shipper says UPS has received the package).

    Every time I’ve ever had shipments with ups they are usually at least a day or two after the projected shipping window, often more.

    With fedex or dhl this has never happened.

  • Brian 8/15/2007, 1:35 pm

    UPS dropped off a package that was clearly marked *Fireames* that it was not to be dropped off, and that only *I* can sign for it. But the driver dropped it off at *Front Door*, and I live in a big Apt Complex and it’s not to be found.

    UPS just blows it off.


  • Towel Hat 8/17/2007, 9:51 am

    I signed up for a UPS account one week ago and received a SPAM call from their 1-800-686-2700 phone number. It was dead air. I received it exactly one week to the minute after creating the account(I looked on the confirmation email they sent when I signed up). There is no way they ever intended this to be a call made by a person.
    If you are going to sign up for an account there, I would highly recommend putting this number in your ignore list if you can do that. This is a very unprofessional practice by UPS and they should be very weary of continuing this type of practice.

  • abusedbychiropractor 9/21/2007, 4:32 pm

    Ups management did not follow my work restrictions and in fact the part time supevisorlaughed at my face when I complained that they were not following my restrictions. They harassed me, trie dtio intimidate me so I get scared not to file workers compensation injury report.

  • Monica 10/2/2007, 6:38 pm

    UPS in Montgomery, Alabama has a bunch of thug type thieves working for them in their shipping and receiving Center. My so-called “lost package” was STOLEN by the very people they employ! Needless to say my “gift” for my husband never arrived! UPS needs a major overhaul from the top down…… UPS SUCKS ASS!

  • Max 10/10/2007, 7:56 pm


    I live in downtown Montreal, I’m a student, and I don’t own a car. Three packages were supposed to be delivered to me from a store… They came on wednesday at 10:20, when I’m at school. I called them to try to schedule something in the afternoon on the next day, they said they couldn’t… So I missed all three “delivery attempts”. I managed to get them to deliver to me on a day off… And I specified there were three package… Only one came. They forced me to go get the other two at their drop-off center, and it took me three fucking hours. It’s gay how they simply have no way of scheduling anything before or after NORMAL work hours… Why the fuck come three times to my door when I’m not there, when I’d be willing to pay to have them come once, when I’M actually there! And they won’t even drop it at a local post office or anything.

  • jere 10/12/2007, 8:28 pm

    UPS does suck! I had a large box delivered to my apartment on a Tuesday. No one was here to sign for it (apparently, no one is to have a day job when expecting a package) so I was left a notice. I called my “Preferred Customer Team” (I work in shipping and am forced by my company to use UPS) and had the shipping address changed to my job and rescheduled to the next day. Next day came and went and no box. Called again, was told that my box was “Out for Delivery” and “Should be delivered by 5”. Waited an extra hour at work, no box. Called again to make sure they had the right address, address was correct. Had the rep schedule for the next day. Next day came and went. No box. Called again. “Out for delivery” and “Should be delivered by 5”. Let the night shift know and went home. Go to work the next day (Friday), no box. Called again. “Out for delivery” and “Should be there by 5”. Bullshit, I said. I told the rep to call the hub and guarantee that my box was on a truck and not sitting next to someone’s desk with a coffee mug on it. Was told to call back in an hour. Called back. Was told to call back in an hour. Called back. Was told to…you get the idea. 5 rolls around and no box. Call again. Was told that there was an address change on Thursday and it takes one business day to process so my box would be delivered on Monday. I said “Wait a minute, I changed the address on Tuesday. So if it takes one business day to process it should have been delivered on Thursday. I called to verify the address on Thursday, but didn’t change it. So where is my box?” Silence. “Please hold.” Ten minutes later she comes back and says that it hasn’t been shipped because it can’t be located. Can’t be located? The box is 6 feet tall and weighs 80 pounds. She then proceeds to tell me that since I’m not the shipper I can’t submit a lost box claim. UPS sucks ass. I know because I have to ship through them all the time. I do all my company’s international shipments (particularly Canada) and in any given week I have to submit at least 3 claims for lost, stolen or damaged packages. A few examples…a $5000 dollar shipment left at the foot of a driveway (basically on the street), a shipment left in the front yard that got rained on, a shipment with a gaping hole in it that once contained 30 cameras but now only had 2 and many, many boxes crushed into oblivion. If you have a choice, don’t ship UPS.

  • john drumm 10/25/2007, 10:34 am

    exclading retalition and dishonesty from 5 supervisors in the akron OH. building. Theretribution and creating an environment that is intimidating and hostile towards me.Yes I have done some things I am not proude of and have been disciplined for such things 12-9 04. Retaliating for grievance I filed spun out of control from supervisors I filed on and one police report I filed on [boss] for threatening comments he made towards me at work.
    I bought a recorder In may of 03 and starting in june of 03 started to record everytime I was told to go to the office from supervisors.I was getting tired of being lied to from the people who had me in the office at that time. Tells me one thing one day and another the next day. OJS rides are the # one topic. My boss helped me on them which made my STHR [stops per hour] go up and he told his boss he did not help me. I have customers that remember both uniforms holding boxes and walking towards thier doors. That means he helped when he said he did not .

    His boss and his boss did not and still dont believe me .I have plenty of recordings like this that does sugest that the managment in this district dont like me because I cant preform 15.78 [sthr] stops per hour when I am doing the job by myslef. I was elevated to this 15.78 STHR [stops per hour] with the help from [boss] he helped me 6 of 6 times which gave me a higher STHR [stops per hour] #.

    In the code of business conduct UPS talks about ESSENTIALS;reputatior-honesty-quility-intergrity. Dishonest dealings will and has undermining our reptation and intergrity. Code talks about failure to comply with the provisions will not be tolerated. Ethical responsibilites have been violated by thes supervisors. Eregardless on what they say they will put the blame all on me. Code also says regardless of his or here position. Ethical responsibilites and legal were violated useing retaltion and dishonesty.

    Would like you to know about my health background 1994- open heart -1997 colon and large intestine removed-1998 storke [tia] -2001 five veribra smashed. And the only thing the boss can say [boss] mybe this job is not for you. All It took Is to take a look at what happened to me and to make the right decison, not to use retribution and dishonesty.
    I need the job back that I was fired from by the acts against the code of conduct. It only takes one act like this to undermine everything all upsers worked for and erned, not to be lied to because the boss needs one more box an hour more from an indivdual. Use the tools In front of you to get my job back that was stolen from me. I will get intouch with the union and tell them the same thing .
    are you going to do anything or are you doing what they want you to do, the code of conduct does not effect the way the bosses run this company into the ground, make all the employees adhear to code and the bosses are above the code. dont expect you to do anything you need to be given the o.k. to say anything

    I have tried for the last 3 years to get this concern to the human resources dept. reply take it up with your supervisor. they lied to get me fired. lied to unemployement office [have that on tape and have witnesses] fire the bosses that lied, the employee file would be empty where is the code of conduct when the bosses lie I am out$ 200,000. of income and bennifits due to the lies and its only been 18 months talk to the bosses they will put it all on me how many times do you here that in the corprate ladder. I was so content to be a driver and was lucky to have that job and do the best that I could do after all the operations that I had, and still was on time and showed up more than any other driver in that buliding, and that was not good enough from[ boss] that said that in a hearing [have that on tape also] does this company want me to die and go away. here is a list of what I have went through.

    open heart 1994
    ulcertive colitece
    colon removed 1997
    large intestine removed 1997
    [tia] stroke at work 1998
    4 vertabre bulging from work 2001
    [ boss,boss,boss,boss] tell me that not good enough
    I worked for ups for 15 years what is taking so long to be contacted maybe he was told more lies about me to cover up there screw-up. its like the old boys club, lie and dont tell the truth when you are asked just go one more step up the ladder. dont you think it is to neat that they are all on the same page when you were told about the replied response. why would eugen in the h.r. dept not tell anybody about a driver driving around with is bulk head door open,I showed him the pictures four different days he did not do nothing he is not doing his job is it just this one time or is there more times I will send you the same pictures that I showed him. one law is for everybody not just for the people they dont like. have two customers that will say other boss is being dishonest about what he said also [customers are two different views on what happens when the boss is caught in the act of lies]

    can I sell the uniforms that ups gave me to keep
    sell them to recupe for the vacation pay they will not pay me.

    give to allen hill .
    give to mike eskew



    I have asked th local union[348] to give me the names of the officers that was on the panel,and gave [I.B.T.],and local 348 the same request to charge the members.I also gave a charge of the local union member [xxxxxx] for the repeatedly giving information on other union members to the company.The time has pasted to here if the charge will go forward.If that is fact this is the appeal that the charge will go to the next step on the charge to a joint council and or general president.This charge will not go away and will not fade away.I will give in triplicate to the following secretary-treasurer of local union[348] joint council [41] executive board, general president and Trish Scalf [assistant director: parcel and small package trade division.

    I have found cases that have went to arbitration that shows that dishonesty is upheld due to the company integrity policy2[2] [we present our company honestly to employees and,in turn,expect them to be honest with us].That is from a case that went to arbitration and was upheld.[ups vs.Ibt[arbitrators words], ask me and others it is just for show. When its comes down to the company to use this, it will be all over the company’s case when a union members are involved.To determine intent call the witnesses that I gave the [NLRB,OCRC/EEOC,Dol,DOJ,I.B.T. and the company itself.Everybody is afraid of what is on the tapes that I taped on the hearings I was involved with. The tapes will tell the truth to all.

    The behaviors of the supervisors were deliberate and intended to defraud and deceive the state panel.These were not”honest errors” it was deliberately and convincing done through willful deceit,personal financial gain and no moral character to tell the truth.I have never lie to either [parties] involved in any case, that is moral character. Why cant they do the same and tell the truth before they are put in prison for breaking civil rights laws.

    Over the last 18 months of the 15 years I have worked for [ups] the bosses in my building have accused and punished me more severely than other workers accused of the same violations.The reason for this treatment is for filling out multi-grievances on the same supervisors in the building.They brought up others facts that were worded so it looked like I was on a downward sprial.The fact was a grievance I brought up and turned in on due consideration to the physical condition of employee.I have had several operations the has limited how fast I can do the job,that in no way tells anybody I can not do the job.The company discriminated against me for that reason of that grievance and others that I filed,on my physical condition.They have been dishonesty to all the federal agencies that I have contacted about this in fact they give a different story to each agency that I have told the same facts to.My story never will change.

    By deception these supervisors have put a very large strain on my emotional,financial,
    personal and physical well being that I will never get back.To much damage has been inflicted and to much destructive suffering due to the supervisors with willful disregard discriminated against me,for the purpose of geting one more box off that truck every hour to make their numbers look better.How many lies and dishonest statements will they submit to keep this discrimination out of the court system and under the rug.I cant stop thinking of what they had to do to keep my recordings from being herd at that state panel.I was lied to one to many times so went and bought a recorder and started to tape every time they had me in the office.Lie after lie they continued to get larger and larger.When they were told about the tapes the company circled the trucks and started the[dishonesty-discrimination]spin-none that they do so professionally with out stoping.They have no moral character to do what is right and what is the law.

    John Drumm


  • upser 10/25/2007, 10:50 am

    To the previous thoughts that is just one story of many employees of UPS and I get treated like this on a daily basis and even the courts side with the company for unknown reasons but only one obvious reason is greed

  • me 11/2/2007, 11:09 am

    30 days and still isn’t here…

  • Kashif 11/2/2007, 8:52 pm

    Best shipping company ever!!!

    Keep it up UPS!
    U guys shut the fuck up!

  • pissed off guy 11/22/2007, 6:22 am

    I bought around 2000$ worth of camera eqpt from a trusted dealer in NY who uses UPS for “prompt and efficient delivery”. Well the package left NY headed for LA on the 14th of Nov and was scheduled to reach my place on the 21st. In the meantime I ordered a book via Amazon which was scheduled to reach the same day on UPS as well. So I say to myself, what the hell, might as well stay in, wait for the UPS guy and then play with my spanking new camera. At 8am on the 21st, the tracking info of both deliveries read “Out for Delivery”. At around 11am the UPS guy knocks on my door and delivers the book – what about the other package, I ask. He checks his little computer and then he says oh yeah I see it, it will be delivered by another truck. Weird, but as long as I get the thing it’s okay. So I wait and I wait and I wait and nothing happens. UPS website FAQ says they deliver till 7pm – nothing till 7.05 so I call in and a brain dead dude answers – says sorry, your address DOES NOT EXIST… I say hell yes it does. He gets a trifle irritated and says “Sir your address is WRONG – such an address does not exist in Los Angeles”. I ask him to track the book I received in the morning – he tracks it and says “Ah yeah I see it now, there’s nothing I can do about the second shipment. We’re closed for thanksgiving; we reopen on Monday so you can expect your package on Tuesday”.

    Trust UPS to fuck up a perfect thanksgiving holiday

  • Reality 12/1/2007, 9:32 am

    I have worked in the Transportation Industry for almost 10 years and I can tell you.. UPS Sucks big ones!!! Mainly because they are big brown and big bullies! They don’t give a crap who you are as they will deny any claim stating “insufficient packaging”. They also will change any rules to make themselves more profit and set a new standard because “THEY CAN”. Why can they? Well there is little competition. People don’t realize that competition is what keeps prices competitive and forces companies to focus on the customer! Who is UPS’s competition? FedEx, DHL, and the USPS. FedEx isn’t a bad company. DHL is very strong in the world, but not here in the US. USPS actually isn’t too bad! But that is it!! And let me tell you, in this business it’s all “monkey see..monkey do”. What one carrier starts (like brokerage fees) all the others will follow in time! Soooo unfortunately all of these issues are not going to go away as UPS does not focus on customer satisfaction. Nor will they ever as long as there is no healthy competition forcing them to do so. FedEx is giving it a shot, but honestly deep down, it is JUST ANOTHER major corporation looking at the all mighty profit.
    For myself, I am not in small packages. But my industry is being taken over by FedEx and UPS. They couldn’t just stick with small packages.. noooo. They are creeping into the Less than truckload and truckload business. So guess what people. The same could happen to that industry as well. Which you are wondering.. how does that affect me? Well.. whenever you order these LARGE items on-line, too large for the UPS ground squad, that moves “less than truckload”. Now you see how UPS treats you as a customer on the small packaging side, guess how it’s gonna be when you are waiting for a larger package. If you order a desk, used auto part, or chair. It will also affect you because when UPS/Fedex start charging so much for shipping costs, guess who ultimately pays for it? Not the company you ordered the product.. no.. You will! The higher the shipping costs.. the higher the price of the product must increase to cover it!!!

    The companies are being “nice” since they have so much competition in this field. Yes I work for one of those competitions! But UPS and FedEx are continously buying out the competition. Their goal?? Well what do you think? They want to rule this side of the industry like the small packaging.

    So people, you gripe now.. but if we continue to allow UPS and Fedex to take over the other industries of Less than truckload and truckload… you can just use your imagination as to what it will cost you.. the consumer!

  • Glen Dahl 12/5/2007, 9:10 am

    Took UPS five days to get a package from B.C. to Concord Ontario. I was sent to Sudbury on Dec 3. It is Dec. 5 and I still don’t have.

    It is no accident that UPS’ corporate colour is brown. What can brown do for me today? Apparently nothing, it will take at least 5 days.

    They should consider upgrading from the horse and wagon, maybe go to a steam engine.

  • Walker 12/11/2007, 1:49 pm

    I have also had several huge problems occur with them this year. I am a small business owner and my vendors ship product to me using UPS. I also have a account with them. This year has been a total nightmare. They never delivered my packages on time during my posted business hours. Every time it happened I would call the main 1800 number and the would forward it to the local office here in Boston. Lets just say they are asleep all the time and never follow up when they are supposed to. They lie in their emails back to their corporate office saying they have and never do. I put in for a refund of a shipment because it was not delivered during my posted business hours. UPS has a policy stating that if the package is not delivered during your posted hours for business acct that you don’t pay for it. I put the request in on Sept 22 2007 the day it was delivered and they said they would have the Boston office contact me because they couldn’t complete it without them. It is now Dec. 11 2007 and I receive a bill for that package. I contact them and they say they see the request in the notes they have taken. Then they proceed to tell me that it is past the 15 day and they can’t do anything. I say the notes tell you when I made the request and they say yes we see that but your account has been suspended because of none payment and I would now have to call the collection agency to pay. They also tell me the Boston office contacted me and it was successful. I tell the lady that if it was successful then I wouldn’t be dealing with you know.
    UPS DOESN’T live up to their own policy. DON’T EVER use them.

  • bob 12/13/2007, 4:07 pm

    This page is really overdone. Mahala sucks. Probably has an editor that spends too much time on some personal obsession instead of on his craft.

    UPS is the absolute best out there. If I did not think so I would simply switch carriers. Not creat a webpage obsession. Some of the dumb asses posting here discredit your website rather then helping your idiot campaign against brown.

  • Joe 12/15/2007, 11:25 am

    I’ve had OK luck with UPS, that is, until I moved to Austin, TX. I’m amazed at how packages actually get delivered here.

    Last year, I had 7 packages sent here via UPS. 2 were lost, one was “acidentally left on a plane” according to UPS, a couple the “driver forgot to deliver” and I think I actually got one or 2 on time.

    My mom sent me a package of Omaha Steaks for christmas last year. Driver supposivley forgot to deliver it. (on a friday). Dry ice doesn’t last forever……so I called Omaha Steaks and they gladly sent out another order next day air at no charge, (amazing customer service with those people BTW…..UPS will not cover the meat going bad because they forgot to deliver it, so omaha steaks took care of it, and paid god knows how much out of thier pocket for a 20 lb box. And super good steaks to boot). Then to top it all off, the steaks that were sent next day air came before the “forgotten ones”, and when they arrived a week later, UPS refused to let me refuse that package. The courier came, and I told him I refuse the package, and he dropped it at the door (LITERALLY dropped it) and went back to his truck. Also had a box of pump parts come UPS and they forgot to deliver that too (don’t want to make this post like war and peace, so I’m not going into much detail anymore). I called the local UPS center (took half a day to ge the number), and spoke to a supervisor about getting my “forgotten pump parts” and he said there is really nothing he could do and I would have to wait until I got it. Then I asked him “what would you do if one of your vendors forgot to make a delivery?” He said he would call and demand a special delivery.” With a smile on my face, I told him I am the driver that delivers fuel to him, and I am going to “forget” to deliver fuel until they remember to deliver my package. Was placed on hold for about 1 minute, and amazingly, he said there were 10 trucks reloading to go to this side of town, and it would be on that truck. And it was. I guess he realized that UPS’es attutude of We want everything our way, and to hell with customers can bite someone in the ass.

    A note on the drivers, I have never seen such suicidal and rude drivers, until I saw those brown trucks in Austin. If you are driving a tanker truck, at the speed limit, (35-40) and they pull right out in front of me. The DOT is supposed to check my brakes, not UPS drivers ;)they cut people off, drive insanely, block driveways, and run 3×3 on the freeway because one truck will go 1/4 MPH faster than the other and they wanna go fast.

    I will say this for UPS though, This year, I have seen customer service improve a little down here, and at work, our driver is absolutley great. Polite, helpful, great CS skills, and an all around nice guy. Had a box come to the office (about 100 lb of parts), and that driver came in and asked if we had a cart or hand truck he could use because his broke and his helper was out sick, and he wanted to make sure the package wasn’t damaged, so I went out there with him, and we both carried it in. He even brought us a christmas card (not a UPS one, a family one). So I can’t say that everything about UPS sucks. There are people that try thier hardest to do a great job, but unfortunatley, I usually haven’t had interactions with those hard working employees.

    I personally use DHL and FedEx for my deliveries (DHL Ground and FedEx Express). Both companies go out of thier way to be helpful. (had a box of checks sent here DHL Express, and they were accidentally delivered to the wrong house, and the person that got them called in, and the supervisor drove over there in his own car, and brought them to me…..I live close to the airport and thier office, but still, that’s some service right there!)

    Also if you live near the airport, and the recipient of your package lives near an airport…….try airline freight. It’s really not that expensive compared to the shipping companies, and it’ll get there same day. Just have to take it there and pick it up. My sister forgot her passport at my house, and she flew to Seattle, via ORD, and I went to AA Cargo (I’m AAdvantage elite level, so maybe it helped) but he made a phone call, they gave me a pass to get beyond security, and told me to go to gate something or another. Got there, and there was a flight attendant waiting for me, and hand carried the passport, on a non-stop to Seattle. It was nice that my sister and I use AA for travel. Didn’t cost me a thing either. Shipping a small package that way usually costs 20-40 bucks though. Nothing bad at all, and you know not only the date, but time and flight number of delivery.


  • Susan 12/28/2007, 6:26 pm

    I ordered vaccines for my horses (must be delivered ASAP or they’re unusable) via UPS 2-day air. Shipped on a Wednesday. Weather delayed shipment until the following Monday. UPS basically said, “Not our problem, and we’re keeping the money we charged for the expedited delivery.” Their lousy customer service just lost them my business. I’d rather pay more and shop locally than pay one penny to UPS.

  • Floyd 1/1/2008, 1:41 pm

    Tracking UPS deliveries is a little like watching grass grow during a dry spell. They move at a velocity that can only be described as glacial. What kind of mindless, lazy, incompetent boneheads do they have working for them? From now on, I refuse to do business with any company that only offers UPS as a delivery option!

  • Krusty 1/2/2008, 12:12 am

    Here is how I deal with UPS’s ridiculous brokerage and other fees. Once the driver tells you how much he wants to rape you for, pose as the brother or sister of the recipient. Tell them you don’t have the cash and tell them to come back tomorrow when your bro or sis is home. Do it as many times as they’ll allow….3 is the limit, I think. Then simply pay the bill. You’re gonna have to anyway, but if everyone did this, they’d never get anything delivered and it gives you time to consider your options….not many.
    Pissing them off is pretty much all you can do.


  • Matt 1/3/2008, 11:45 pm

    I work for Ups, and i think the company sucks, but I’M Not a asshole or a moron.

  • martin 1/7/2008, 3:53 pm

    UPS Hell, i am going to have a stroke imminently – 25 days of hell and still no package. I have stayed home for 6 full days now! I have never asked to pick the parcel up myself, bogus delivery attempts and complete incompetance all round:

    Location Date Local Time Description
    19/12/2007 2:18 OUT FOR DELIVERY
    19/12/2007 1:00 ARRIVAL SCAN
    FT. ERIE,
    ON, CA 18/12/2007 9:01 DEPARTURE SCAN
    18/12/2007 2:48 ARRIVAL SCAN
    FT. ERIE,
    ON, CA 17/12/2007 21:31 IMPORT SCAN
    17/12/2007 16:49 ARRIVAL SCAN
    NY, US 17/12/2007 16:28 DEPARTURE SCAN
    17/12/2007 14:28 ARRIVAL SCAN
    NJ, US 17/12/2007 4:38 DEPARTURE SCAN
    NJ, US 15/12/2007 3:14 EXPORT SCAN
    15/12/2007 1:01 ARRIVAL SCAN
    NY, US 14/12/2007 23:43 DEPARTURE SCAN
    14/12/2007 22:04 ORIGIN SCAN
    NY, US 14/12/2007 14:05 PICKUP SCAN

  • fucku.p.s. 1/9/2008, 3:40 pm

    My letter to U.P.S.

    Thank you, UPS for running over my package with your forklifts and other heavy machinery. The tire marks were a nice addition to the aesthetics of the torn, soggy, crushed box. I only hope that the delicate nature of my parcel did not cause your employees any trouble in the game of forklift hockey that they played with it. What was the final score ? I only ask so that I might take some solace in my fragile and irreplaceable items playing an important role in their glorious victory as I attempt to piece the remaining contents back together. Thank you UPS, I sometimes wonder why you bother to deliver them at all. It would certainly require less infrastructure to simply destroy them on site. In fact, perhaps you could merge with “Waste Management” and simply place all the packages directly in a landfill, rather than wasting the time and resources dragging them all over the continent to be destroyed.

  • m. lee 1/11/2008, 3:07 am




  • Paul 1/11/2008, 8:56 pm

    More wood on the fire – now if we can just get the damn thing to burn…. I ordered several items from SAM’s Club – shipped via UPS – these items were big – furniture – like a coffee table and an end table. I was watching the tracking page everyday as we were hoping to have these items before a certain week-end – you know show of in front of the Jones’ type things. Well low and behold at 6pm in the evening when I checked the site it said the packages one weighing 42lbs and the other 84lbs had been left on my front porch. Guess what – it was raining cats and dogs all day long so cussing I went upstairs to look on the front porch – NOTHING. Ohh – did I mention I was home all day as well. Call UPS – massive run around for the next 5 hrs – in a nutshell – our system says it was delivered you need to call the person you bought it from and have them intiate a trace on the package. Hey MORON – I’m telling you I was home all day and never got the package – uhhh IDIOT!! More run around – and throw the run around with SAM’s Club in the mix and you know what – the customer does not mean SH&# to UPS – that’s eveident. Maybe we should all put a bar-code on our head so the MORON’s can scan who they gave the package to because they sure as hell don’t know where they delivered them to. I also agree with the comments above – why try and deliver something to a person’s home at during working hours – you know THE CUSTOMERS working hours – why not do residential deliveries in the evening??

    I live near Lousiville and I can tell you that UPS is raking in the cash – they have been building non-stop on a multi million dollar airport hub expansion – and by multi I mean hundreds of millions and they just keep adding and adding to the jet fleet. Growth is their game, revenue is the goal – share price is all that matters and the customer had better just keep his mouth shut. They offer the on line businesses deals that are to good to be true undercutting other carriers contracts and then delivering service that is sub par at best. There is only 2 ways that this will change –
    #1 – Consumers – don’t select UPS as the carrier even when it appears a few bucks cheaper

    #2 – Consumers – voice your concern to the retailers you are doing business with – tell them you took your business elsewhere becuase of the shipper they have chosen

    There is a huge impact that retailers need to consider as well – ill will toward their business for putting the customer in a position of having to deal with the UPS bueracracy. I for one can tell you that I will NEVER purchase another item from SAM’s CLUB ON-LINE and as soon as COSTCO moves into the area will drop my multi year affiliation with thier walk in club as well.

    Down with UPS – be vocal and spread the word and if any of you out there hold their stock please listen to us and share these concerns at a shareholder meeting. Building and growing are great – but they better be focused on customer service

  • Antony 1/15/2008, 12:59 am

    UPS sucks. That is all.

  • Ray 1/17/2008, 7:09 am

    Hi! I’m from Belgium. I received two packages from family in the US as Christmas presents. Today UPS sent me a “reminder” (never received a letter from them previously!) giving me one week to pay an invoice of 165 dollars import duties and VAT! 165 dollars,that’s approximately what the contents ( bathrobe and sweater must have cost!) I agree that import and VAT can be imposed but if my relatives had been informed by UPS in the States they would never have sent the articles in the first place. Also the fact that they sent me a “reminder” without having sent a previous invoice really pissed me off!

  • Ray 1/20/2008, 9:20 am

    Just to add that I received no answer to my email.
    I would at least have expected an apology for the fact that they never sent the original invoice, only a reminder. In my opinion, a client friendly company would also have given some form of explanation regarding the high impport and VAT supplements. UPS? Never again!

  • UPeeS 1/22/2008, 10:05 pm


    join the class action. enough said.

  • Oskar 1/23/2008, 12:26 pm

    I cannot stand those assholes! Everytime someone ships something by UPS it’s nothing but grief. Either it’s an exorbitant brokerage charge for a commercial sample or contact attempts that have never been made.
    I don’t understand how a company with such a shitty service can stay in business.
    Avoid them like a plague!

  • UPSER Anon 1/24/2008, 4:17 am

    I work at UPS-International to be exact and I have to agree that UPS sucks. So why work there?

    Well the pay sucks but benefits are great. Other than that I do not use UPS.

    And although UPS charges too much for international shipments and workers are underpaid, its not UPS that charges the brokerage fee, its the whole transition from country to country.

    Just so you know, most UPS supervisors are promoted package handlers. What do you expect from them. Also “Fragile” means nothing.

  • john drumm 1/30/2008, 2:34 pm

    To: C.E.O. and board of directors UNITED PARCEL SERVICE

    As I look into the future all I see is despair, unconscionable depression for the act of willful infliction of metal anguish with no site of equitable relief for unearned dishonest promotions. The longer I look at this and the more people[customers] see this unchecked attitude at the management thinks and willingly participated in these willful acts the harder it will be for the board of directors to operate this company. Not getting your own people that do the work behind you starts the cracks in the foundation of the solid theory of the founder.

    Unless the original theory all along with total power of the entire employee 24 hours a day what they do at home, leisure, with their families and what they eat, sleep and talk about. That sounds like the corporate strategies of the social Republic or communism. These thoughts of total control suppresses the thought amongst a free society that started this entire company to flourish to become the largest delivery company in the US, and close in the world.

    It is not what you own or buy is what you are. I want you to realize what it is to wake up one day and a monster told a bunch of lies and `poof` you are a never been. Everything I wanted to be I was doing it, it is what I was working 15 years for evolving into me. When a computer came up with the unreachable numbers I could not reach due to pre-existing health conditions and instead of human compassion and contact to each individual to see what that person can do to the best of their ability. Why would I make the unreachable numbers only six times in the boss was with me reason: he helped me and was fired for his dishonesty

    operations: lost my job
    open heart 1994
    ulcertive colitece
    colon removed 1997
    large intestine removed 1997
    [tia] stroke at work 1998
    4 vertabre bulging from work 2001

    JOHN DRUMM 15 years service

  • T. J. Drushel 2/13/2008, 10:21 am

    Someone ought to send this list to whomever at UPS gives a shit.
    I order quite frequently on the net and cringe evertime I see UPS as the carrier.
    My last shipment arrived in the Chicago suburb on Monday am and layed ther until Wed am.
    Predicted delivery now on Wed……..we’ll see!

  • JNITA 2/17/2008, 1:24 am

    At the moment i am on hold been on hold for 20 minutes waiting for a god damn fucking manager, these bitches must do it on purpose to piss you off even more.. I had never had a problem with these shit faced brown holes. Now they claim to have left a flat screen tv i bought on my front steps.. i was home all fucking day.. those morons didnt even ring the fucking door bell i was in the front room watching a movie at the time they claim to have left it on my front steps.. they have not heard the last of me i will be calling them every fucking day this week until i get my fucking TV or the bitch who supposably deliverd my shit is in handcuffs and they send me a check for the tvs worth.. i took 3 days off work to wait for this fucking package and it NEVER CAME.. there is a school in front of my house.. what kind of a fucking moron leaves a package at a front door of a semi busy street.. WTF RING THE BELL! i think this asshole kept my flat screen tv for himself.. i am so fucking angry i cant even contact the shipper until monday!!! i have to wait 2 whole days to bitch at them.. i got the bill for the tv thanks to usps.. but fuck UPS.. im still holding for a fucking manager!!!! lets boycott these assholes.

  • Ray 2/21/2008, 4:15 am

    Oh, No!! Oh, YES! I’ve just received an invoice (February 21st) in the mail from UPS for a sum that I paid on January 22 nd!! As you know I’ve had no replies to my mails. Luckily there was a telephone number mentioned on the invoice so I phoned them. The line was awful and I could hardly understand the guy who answered the phone. What I did hear was that he said that according to him all my debts had been paid!!! I told him what I thought of UPS and asked him to convey the message to his superiors and that I never want to hear from them again! Next month I’ll probably receive a threatening “reminder”! Hopeless!!

  • Aman 5/1/2008, 6:07 pm

    I pre-ordered GTA IV from Best-Buy on April 7, 2008. Along with the pre-order came a GTA IV poster, which took only 4 days to deliver. April 8- April 11. Now after GTA IV’s April 29, 2008 release, my copy shipped on April 27 from Groveport Ohio, and May 1st, (4 days later) reached California. Now its still sitting in the warehouse waiting to be transferred into USPS hands. After the great expierence with Halo 3 arriving at my house on the release date, i decided that i would most likely have the same expierence with GTA IV… nope. Apparently it takes up to 48 hours for postage to be paid, before finally being transferred to USPS.

    I have completed a survery at BestBuy.com providing them a link to this thread and an attempt to persuade them to switching from UPS to FedEx or DHL. for the sake of customer satisfaction.

  • Chris 5/13/2008, 6:45 am

    Yeah I can’t stand UPS either I’m starting to not trust them anymore this the 5th! time now in awhile that I got my expensive stuff stolen from UPS. I was supposed to get GTA4-SE on the 12th at 12:35 PM CST but guess what they delivered it in a 4 Pound big envelope but there was nothing in it! Damn UPS to hell for having slacking off! There workers in there warehouse should be tested for everything and there back ground as well because who hires a 20 year old piece of shit Thief! God why can’t they have a better way to deal with those Fraudulent shippers! Yes by Firing there Asses! Anyway So now they tell me to file a damn claim? How is this going to help me get my stuff back you damn idiots!! Wow is this the future of slacking off shippers in America today!?.Ridiculous!-Man Screw you U.P.S The fastest shiping in Business?.BULLSHIT!!!!

  • Chris 5/13/2008, 7:24 am

    Shut up Kashif! Best shipping company in America?.BULLSHIT! They hire 20 year old Potheads that steal packages! Pathetic!..UPS used to be great! Now there is lazy slacking off kids at work!..Yes I call you immature 20 year old Kids at work cause you don’t know how to do your job right!..You should all be thrown in a Mental Ward!..U.P.S THE FASTEST IN SHIPPING? NOT ANYMORE SINCE THE BIRTH OF THE YOUNGER GENERATION CAME TO BE!-the reason is You smoke Pot, Get high cause you think its cool?.Sad Drugs are for the Loser Crowd! -No Offense to this subject just don’t piss me off! I already lost $101.00

  • Summer 5/15/2008, 7:42 pm

    YAY more UPS haters. My mother sent my husband a package that we left behind when we moved. It had some of his work stuff in it. We moved from So.Cali to Nor. Cali so not that big of a move. So one week goes by still no package. I call my mom get the tracking number and all the info. Call the UPS store give them the number our names the address it was being sent to. They said they had a mix up and it would be there the very next day. So the day goes by along with a week. I call again they say they are very sorry and that it would be there the next day…. Yet again a BIG FAT LIE. So i called another week later they now cant “find” any trace that something was sent threw them…. so far its been two months and they still cant find it soon it will be three months. NEVER EVER will we use UPS again! THEY SUCK SO BAD!!!! and they still refuse to give us our insurance on it since they have no “info” on it. they will be hearing from our lawyer. it may only be 100dollars but still they need to know that they cant do this to people.

  • Brian 5/20/2008, 4:57 pm

    UPS SUCKS HUH…. I bet you could do it, start a business in your basement and have it be the largest of it’s kind in a very short time…. And last 100 years, never laying off, always with a good (comparatively speaking) reputation. I’ve worked there for a while, and UPS STARTING PAY SUCKS-THE WORK SUCKS, but no-UPS DOES NOT SUCK! They work the dog shit out of us and some weasel dick like you sits behind your computer and bitches because your bigger monitor isn’t there on time to watch your Raven Riley porn on while you stroke your little “manhood’ Id like to see your bitchy whinny ass work there, or even the post office. I know what would happen, the same thing that happens to ALL the bitchers, you’ld walk off. Packages coming down a belt so fast it’s hard enough to pull them off much less load your three trucks and re-stack them the whole time while not missing any boxes (they weigh 70+ pounds on average 600 boxes a shift per person average!) You’ld walk your fat ass out the door. So you know what, go ahead and pay an expediter a few hundred bucks to get your special delivery to you, but in the meantime, call whoever fuckd up and ask them what they are willing to do for you to make it up, instead of whining like a little cunt online. I think you’ld be surprised what they will do to make customers happy.

  • Vassock 5/23/2008, 5:07 pm

    Yeah, these guys suck. They routinely leave expensive packages at the house without even knocking, much less confirming the delivery. Recently, I used the same service to get some cheap electronics (under $100 total). Had 3 people at home listening. No knock, no notice. Found out later using the tracking number that it could not be delivered because nobody was home to receive it. Long weekend ahead, so no chance of picking it up for a few days. This happens all the time, too. Obviously, their lazy employees just don’t bother making some of their deliveries. Much easier to say that nobody was home.

  • upssucks 5/24/2008, 8:58 am

    had a playstation supposed to be delivered. No knock or anything. Checked the website and it said “left at door”. In NYC who leaves it at the door? The crooked driver obviously stole it for himself.

  • YOKO 6/4/2008, 3:40 pm


  • Jim in L.A. 6/6/2008, 4:08 am

    UPS has screwed me repeatedly. Today UPS lied to me on the phone, point blank, repeatedly, leaving me waiting for over 5 hours for a delivery. Two weeks ago, they had me waiting well over 10 full hours for a pickup, missing their already hours long appointment window by almost 7 hours, with 4 calls in the meantime, each time saying the driver would be here in a few minutes.

    Another prime example of how UPS is morally corrupt and deserves to go bankrupt:

    I received a package COD using UPS a few years ago. I paid by money order. A few months later, without so much as a courtesy call or letter in the interim, I got a note from a collection agency for UPS as though I had not paid for the package, threatening to ruin my credit if I did not pay again immediately for the same package. When I informed them that, yes, I did pay, obviously, or the driver would not have released the package, they told me they lost my money order and that I had to go get another one on my own time and dime – i.e., that I should go spend an hour or more going to the post office to get a money order to replace the one they lost, and that if they found and cashed the old one, which *I* would be liable to the post office for after a replacement, I could sue them to get the money back.

    This was a flagrant violation of the fair debt collection practices act among other things, and if I knew then what I know now, I’d have sued them right then.

    For the rest of you, I strongly recommend taking them to small claims court at every opportunity. If ever a company needed to be sued out of existence, it’s UPS.

    And for the UPS employees, I and millions of other people hope every single one of you loses your job and becomes unemployable for having worked for such an abominably run, lying, cheating and stealing organization. Bastards.

  • Brent 6/10/2008, 8:08 am

    I am a manager for UPS. And contrary to your beleifs that UPS needs a complete overhaul, our company did not make it for 100 years by satisfying morons like you. Since you have more than one issue with the delivery to your address, maybe there is something wrong with were you live. Maybe your address is f*cked up. UPS drivers have to make an average of 300 stops per day. For you morons that can’t calculate, that’s 37 stops per hour in an 8 hour work day. Or, if you perfer, 1.5 stops every minute. And you people have the balls to complain about the driver not waiting for you to answer the door. Drivers are instructed, by a UPS mainframe in Atlanta were they can and can’t leave a package. This is based soley on the statistical crime rate for your area. After a certain percentage in any given area, a signature is required, even for a bag of dog sh*t. As for whether related delays, I’m sorry to to you folks, but we don’t cotrol the whether. I know you like to think we do. We are not to sacrifice human life for your lousy packages, and your an idiot if you think we will. Out of the 5 million packages shipped every day, there is going to be lost and damaged packages. The packages that are lost and damaged, UPS does try their best to compensate the customer. If you think FedEx does a better job, go to FedEx. Your business will not be missed. One less bitchy customer will only make our jobs easier. UPS is a company more oriented towards big companies and supply chains. FedEx is more geared towards the every day customer. Just look at the commercials. UPS has soffisticated supply chain commercials, compared to FedExs’ commercials that are dumbed down with childish jokes. Is UPS the best company to work for? NO! Do they work you like a dog? YES! But, like Brian said, get out from your child porn ridden computers and try to do a better job.

  • Advocate 6/12/2008, 9:16 am

    I think the attitude displayed by Brent is representative of that shared by the company: Namely, screw customer service, you’re lucky we are here to take yopur money.

  • wagnes 6/13/2008, 7:02 pm

    UPS Customer Service Policy: Listen intentively to problem, and…. Never
    call back. 2nd call attempt: listen intentively to problem, promise solution,…..and Never call back. 3rd call attempt: apologize for never calling back, and…..never call back. 4th attempt: apologize for the other guy dropping the ball, and…… never call back. 5th attempt: well we’ll see?

  • Luis 6/19/2008, 11:53 am

    for the ups employee:

    weather has NOTHING to do with my package remaining in my islands airport, for TWO DAYS after being scanned as “unloaded” and “import”

    its a one hour drive from my home, we get no snow, rain or any other kinds of weather that would delay my pckg for two stinking days..

    you guys are incredilby un-proffesional

    yesterday i saw my neighboor recieve 3 pckgs, NOT ONE of them was in mint condition , seriously not one, they ALL had banged up packaging and god knows what was dmgd…

    im still waiting for my video card i swear if my card doesnt work because one of those monkeys dropped it or banged it, i will raise hell, and seeing as they will make me loose my rebate oportunity, they will overnight it whether i pay for it or not you incompetent monkeys

  • Luis 6/19/2008, 12:39 pm

    wanna see something shitty?

    read this:


    guess we now know why so many pckgs get lost….im never ever using this corrupt, moneygrubbing stupid company fuck ups and theyr retarded shitcolored trucks and uniforms

    they sell your stuff, then if you complain loud enough, they send you the 100 buck insurance that ALL ground pckgs have, wich costs them nothign since they will make it all back selling “lost and unclaimed pckgs”

    aholes all of em

  • Ken 6/30/2008, 7:45 pm

    You know what “Brent”? If you might have given high school a thought you too could be a whiny rich fuck sitting behind a computer but you are not. So let’s skip the pleasantries here and get to the facts at hand. You are incompetent and so is your company. You are clearly a jaded fat package handler. UPS is as efficient as a screen door in a nuclear submarine. And regardless of what you say here, those of us in the “industry” can tell you that slowly but surely UPS is being placed on the bottom rung for more efficient and cost effective shipping solutions. So enjoy your rant from behind YOUR desk, while it’s still there.

  • Niccy 7/3/2008, 7:42 am

    USPS is way worse. They’ve lost several of my packages, and what gets me, is the mail carrier they send out to my house was so lazy that instead of getting out of his truck, walking six paces to my door, ringing the doorbell to see if anyone is home, he writes one of those orange notes that says ‘Sorry we missed you!’ and drives off. I love the mail service.

  • Andrew 7/7/2008, 1:07 pm

    Why did you remove my comments?

  • c.k. 7/7/2008, 1:24 pm

    Sorry Andrew. I recently moved web hosts and I think your comments got lost in the move. It wasn’t intentional. Feel free to make them again.

  • Andrew 7/8/2008, 9:10 am

    Bascily what I said was I work for a company as there shipping and receiving clerk. We ship alot of stuff and I am usually constantly in some claim with ups or fighting with them. If it wasn’t for the fact that one of our customers requests them (dont know why there package is stoped for no reason 50% of the time.) we would never use them. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE. I asked a rep once for the number to the claim department and he said they didn’t have one. BULL SHIT! Right, they have no phone. I have yet to ever have a problem with fedex.

  • Andrew 7/8/2008, 9:19 am

    To Brent: The fact that they have to do so many packages so fast isn’t a badge of honor it is a major problem. Obviosly they are overburdened since so many problems happen. This is one of the ways UPS is broken.
    And I understand that since you ship so many packages some are going to get lost and broken, but 50% from just my one company is way to much, obviously there is a problem when the internet lights up with people complaining about UPS.

    Also your calculations on how many stops per minute they do is completely bogus. Obviously that is assuming that ever package is at a diffent place. Yeah as you said yourself UPS does big busness, so a shit load of those packages are to the same place. I actually just watched a UPS driver unload his entire truck onto my dock (6 badly damaged packages)

  • Andrew 7/8/2008, 9:20 am

    I mean 6 of the packages were badly damaged, not that was all that he unloaded.

  • Peak Speaker 7/10/2008, 1:18 pm

    I own a speaker repair business, and personlly wouldn’t ship a bowling ball on UPS. They’d find a way to break it

  • Peak Speaker 7/10/2008, 1:22 pm

    P.S. to previous post:

    In 5 years in business and hundreds of shipments, I have had ONE (1) package damaged by FedEx apparently done by the fork on a fork lift. I filed a claim and recieved a check three days later with ZERO HASSLE!

    Not bad in my opinion.

  • Person in Brown 9/17/2008, 8:32 pm

    I work for the brown devil in Canada.I have worked for Fedex and Purolator in years past.Also,worked for several small messenger companies too.
    We all know in the industry that UPS has a bad image that some people are aware of,and alot of people aren’t. Namely,brokerage fees.We jokingly called UPS-“OOPS,we forgot to tell you about that….
    There are pros and cons to all the companies.I wish I could open a school for shippers tho’…alot of people need to be taught how to a)read and b)write…I have noticed a definite “dumbing down” in the last 10 years. Is is becuz of the computer??..partly,and I think alot of people just don’t THINK anymore.
    I agree,drugs are not for use in the workplace,any workplace. That’s why they are called “recreational” drugs.Unfortunately,there is a whole generation out there that thinks nothing of working while they are high.I know several of my co-workers are doing it,but I can only hope that they will tire of it,and GROW UP…I see this generation as majorly coddled by their mothers,(my generation)…
    I try to help customers see that by “cheaping” out and shipping their stuff thru UPS,that they usually don’t save any money in the end. There are a few companies that never have this problem,ie..Tiger Direct..they never have brokerage fees applied to their shipments. I have no one to ask as to why this is. No one seems to work at UPS long enough to learn how their system works. The upper echelons of the company are so well insulated from us pions at the bottom,we can’t get any answers,no one knows anything.
    Their in-company website has no directory to direct questions to..the HR dept never phones you back,and tells you “mis-truths” about the pay structure. At least with Fedex,you could practically walk into the company president’s office to ask a question.
    It’s very frustating as an employee,I wish I had better resources so that I could answer customer’s inquiries.
    I only work there becuz I needed a job,and without a trade or better education,I will just have to bide my time till I can retire.The guys I work are all family men,with wives and kids,mothers and father..in other words..they are human too…I can honestly say,most of the guys are not happy working there either,but they have payments to make,kids to raise,just like customers.
    I think people need to educate themselves with how to fill out a waybill,practise their handwriting skills,get their recipients phone numbers (in case)…be listed on the building directory at apartments,be listed in the phone book would help too. In this age of “connectiveness”..people are more unconnected than ever. Make sure your autofill is up to date,notify all companies when you move…
    Also,realize that Canada and the US are 2 separate countries,with 2 different customs departments and requirements..
    Where couriers got into trouble is when the average joe started shipping stuff internationally,thinking that both countries are tied together with NAFTA…NOT!!..
    If you are going to ship something,do some research as to the requirements of customs,or courier companies etc.
    A gift has to be under $60,and HAS TO SAY “Unsolicited gift” on the waybill and commercial invoice(customs document)..or what used to be referred as a pro forma invoice.(A company letterhead also works for that document.)..
    The human brain never tires of learning…

  • Molten 10/28/2008, 11:24 am

    If you’re reading this, you probably got jerked around by UPS. If you’re anything like me, you probably got infuriated by the moronic service you received. A bunch of times over the years UPS has screwed up their deliveries to me, and every time their representatives had the nerve to act all defensive about it. Most recently, UPS claimed that my delivery “Required Adult Signature”. It didn’t – neither me or the seller chose that requirement. Besides, it’s a $10 item – who cares about a signature requirement for empty DVD cases? When I called UPS, the representative told me that it is up to the driver whether or not to leave a package when the person is not home. I then signed the slip and left it for the driver. When I tracked it online, they said that I had “Refused The Package – Return To Sender”. No I didn’t! Once again they just arbitrarily make up excuses. UPS is too stupid to even realize the s**t they’re full of.

  • Felipe 11/4/2008, 8:49 pm

    UPS is taking more than 2 months to deliver my package and nobody knows what’s going on… http://www.felipecoimbra.com/2008/11/04/how-long-does-it-take-up-to-deliver-a-package-2-months/

  • Jeremy 11/7/2008, 7:00 am

    Hi Guys,

    I’m working for UPS France…
    duno if you’re just aware about how many packages we deliver each day….
    FYI more than 17 million packages R delivered everyday, 1% of those aren’t..
    ask one of the others FedEx or DHL about that ratio… you’ll be surprized..

  • Rave 12/2/2008, 6:20 pm

    Sorry to burst your bubble Jeremy but your company sucks big time. They are run by morons.

    Three times they delivered to my address on file, they delivered to the wrong address. Yup kiddo, three times, 3/3 every single time, they failed. I had enough of failures. Don’t waste my time.

    Your fucking problem? USE THE PHONE> Call to confirm. The agents can’t even do anything, just useless. They are retarded beyond belief. The people at UPS are just incompetent people who just try to get back day to day doing LESS than the minimum. So before you get back to your high horse, read the ground. UPS sucks.

  • DRN 12/21/2008, 2:44 am

    Yes, UPS is the worst. Hopefully, the economy will get rid of them and their loser staff can practice saying”would you like fries with that”. How those morons have been able to stay in business is a mystery to me. How soon can that mess of a company go bankrupt? MORONS, IMBECILES and LOSERS

  • Guest 1/3/2009, 7:23 pm

    UPS is a piece of shit. My last package from them was severely damaged (no longer usable) and I had to pay about half the price of the product to ship it back for a refund. Then my “guaranteed 3 day delivery” (cost $15) that was shipped out 19 days ago just arrived. It did not arrive by Christmas. Fuck UPS.

  • Unhappy ups employee 1/12/2009, 5:18 pm

    while i agree ups is a horrible company that i work for, you shouldn't blame the sorters or drivers for the problem it is clearly a problem with the burocrasy aka lasy supervisors. So to blame the lowly sorters and drivers who are just doing as they are told is wrong. please place the blame where it belongs.

  • Kristine 1/15/2009, 8:53 pm

    I've had it with UPS! They have the highest shipping rates of any carrier and can get away with some of the worst crimes in business there are. Today a shipment was “in an accident”, in other words their tractor trailer is in the ditch and my packages cannot be unloaded. On this same day I received 4 damaged boxes and have a lost shipment. These people are complete jerks. I actually have better luck with the US postal service!

  • rube 2/4/2009, 4:25 pm

    ups can suck my fucking dick, i want to kick everyone there in the face

  • Sucks to be you! 2/5/2009, 10:40 am


  • fluen226 2/5/2009, 11:59 pm


  • Larry 2/6/2009, 5:10 pm

    UPS does suck. They are the absolute WORST shipping company on the planet. They are the only ones that will open your package if they think they can't find you to see if a phone number is in the package. Well the phone number was given to them but they are way to incompetent to look at their own label. FedX or USPS would never open your package. That tells me a lot about a shipping company that thinks they can just open your package any time they want to. Where is the Privacy anymore in shipping something?
    Bottom line—- UPS SUCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DSD 2/10/2009, 3:43 pm

    Well, I just spent my entire day dealing with the morons at UPS. The story is WAAAYYY too long to give the details here. Let's just say that obtaining a blank airbill and scheduling a simple pickup shouldn't require 4 phone calls to UPS and a trip to EVERY DROP BOX IN TOWN! Then, to add insult to injury, the idiot driver never showed up. After calling UPS (5th time), I was told that the driver couldn't make the pickup (she never would tell me why) and that I need to reschedule. Gee, thanks for the call, assholes! There's nothing I enjoy more that waiting around all day for a delivery boy who never shows up and is too fucking inconsiderate to call and let me know. In case anyone is wondering why I had to wait for the driver, after going to EVERY DROP BOX IN TOWN(!) I still didn't have a blank airbill. Apparently, the bozos at UPS are are too busy losing packages and giving lame excuses to have any time to restock the drop boxes with supplies. The driver was supposed to bring some blank airbills to me, but I needed to be home when he showed up (which never happened). Thanks a lot UPS. YOU SUCK! (all of you)

  • mike 2/18/2009, 11:56 am

    UPS sucks in more that just shipping/receiving.
    When UPS gives problem in driving around You, or anyone to read this: record the the tiny numbers in top corner + the License Plate I.D.
    In addition to the location.
    I say this as one from bodily & vehicle damage, that never had compensation from UPS.

  • guest 2/24/2009, 12:32 am

    The first time I had a UPS delivery it came during the day when I was at work so there was nobody to sign and then I had to drive 20 miles to their location to pick up the package. The second time I had a UPS delivery I called the 800 # to ask them to deliver it to the appartment office (< 50 yards from my apartment). They said they couldn't leave a note for the driver or change the address, that I should leave a note on my door for driver to deliver the package at the appartment office. So it's delivery day and I leave my note only to come home to my package sitting out in the rain infront of my appartment with a note from the driver that says they don't deliver to appartment offices. Don't you think the call operator could have told me that!!!! UPS Sucks!!!

  • UPS SUCKS 2/25/2009, 6:12 am

    Paid $30 for next day air and they UPS employee told me that it would arrive by 10:00AM. Well it didn't even LEAVE until 10AM!!! Then the guy goes on to tell me that there was a delay with the plane and it WILL BE THERE by 5:00. Nope. As of today it still hasn't arrived… next-day-air my ass! This is why you never hear of people using them or stuff like this. My mistake. But never EVER AGAIN! I will make sure to recommend FedEx to everyone I know!

  • happidik 3/12/2009, 6:41 pm

    go with dhl. good idea.

  • Tony Kevvan 9/11/2009, 11:49 pm

    UPS fucking sucks. I live in an apartment, and there is a buzzer system to gain entry to my building. When the buzzer is pressed successfully, my phone rings, and I can then let the person in. There is a sign (actually two signs) by the buzzer that clearly state one must press the buttons firmly and slowly. On September 8 and 9 this week, the online information from UPS stated that they tried to deliver at 5 PM. Well, I was home at that time on both days, and my phone/buzzer never rang. The delivery attempt on September 9 was to be the last attempt, by the way. I emailed UPS and asked what the fuck was going on, saying that obviously the genius delivery driver (my exact words) never pushed the buttons of the buzzer properly, and this was the last delivery attempt. They said they’d send out the driver again on September 11. I asked what time, and they said the time would be on the UPS InfoNotice. I told them how that was bullshit because there latest delivery attempt was supposed to be the last. They told me from 5 to 5:30 PM would be when to expect him. My buzzer finally rang today. The guy was a real prick. He shouted, “UPS!” when I asked who it was. He got to my door, gave it two loud, hard whacks, I opened the door, he gave me the package, and as he was walking away, he said, “Genius, huh?” I said, “That’s right, moron.” UPS is a fucking shitty company with even shittier drivers. Fuck them. I filed a complaint with UPS against the driver, but I doubt anything will be done.

  • Rich 10/13/2009, 3:16 pm

    I have personally never received a package from UPS that was NOT damaged in some way. Literally never! It still amazes me that every time I get a package from UPS, they never fail to live up to their package bashing consistency. I’m convinced that they must have automated this process. Maybe it’s a giant hammer on a conveyor belt? As all I know is no package will make it through in one piece GUARANTEED! I think that’s their slogan. Or maybe it’s “ring the door bell and run!”

    The only reason they’re still in business is because they’re cheaper than FedEx. But that’s still no excuse for sucking so bad.

  • mike 11/20/2009, 12:23 am

    UPS, of any delivery co — is the mos BIGGOT against Cyclists.
    Eve note that UPS has their numerical digits, on the top LEFT SIDE corner of the vans — are so tiny.*
    (the most difficult area for cyclists to stretch their eyes out to, as they are having to look out whats in front of them.)
    *So that if anyone finds them: that the van is too far whom needs to read those digits — if too far behind. To read them.
    UPS has shrunk the size, recently. And darkend the tone of the colors: now more like a golden color (intentionally too close to the brown). Rather than the keeping the earlier yellow-related tone.
    >And, now I note that the License Plates, at least here in California, are also on the left hand side.
    (put in short about UPS: UPS = SO CONCEALED. Proving so much guilt.
    That all their i.d. is now on the left hand side. That says a lot about them.)

    I say all the above as a Cyclist victim of being SIDESWIPED, by a UPS VAN.

  • it-was-seen 11/22/2009, 12:41 am

    UPS leaves their rear doors open.
    THat’s why there be the scanning, but that’s not enuff.
    Fedex be somehat better; but overall none be be
    I was watching a UPS van for 15+ minutes, as the employee never returned to the van.

  • it-was-seen 11/22/2009, 12:46 am

    This just be one of reasons why UPS not install cameras around their vans/vehicles.
    Who is better insured?
    UPS or Fedex??

  • Pissed off 12/19/2009, 3:51 pm

    I ordered a package from a online store.Everything was going well intill it was the day of delivery. I was happy to get the package because it was a gift for my son.I looked at the online tracking to find out they delivered it already.The package was not here?After some digging I found out that the package was delivered to 55 clinton st in a different town.Problem is I live at 1044 liberty street.How The F&*K is that even possible. Sure they repicked upthe package from the post office(they don’t deliver to post offices)yesterday.I called today to find out they SHOULD be delivering it monday.I paid 8 something for shipping And have to wait a total of 8 days for delivery from a 3 day place?I could have walked there and got it myself in less time.I am fully pissed! I will never use ups again.I will not order anything from anybody who does.

  • Kent Robinson 12/22/2009, 8:17 am

    What a bunch of idiots UPS is. I ordered a new computer online for Christmas, 2md day air. It left Fernwell Nevada and went to Sparks Nevada and left there on the 17th. I knew due to the weekend it would not be delivered until the 21st. When I looked on the 18th it was in transit all day. By the 19th instead of being in Denver, it was in Des Moines Iowa. I called the customer service at UPS and they said it was due to logistics and that packages can’t sit at the air hub due to no room. Well as I had a brother that used to work at the UPS air hub I told them that was crap as the hub does nothing except unload on Saturday evening and then nothing until Sunday evening so the package was just going to sit in a container or on a plane. Well come Sunday evening and instead of my package going to Denver it went to Rockville Illinois. They then finally acknowledged that it was miss routed, frankly Des Moines was a miss route. But now they sent the package from the air hub to the the regular hub in Rockville. Then to top it off, they put it on a truck out for delivery. It rode arround on the truck all day and then was returned to the hub. How stupid, no one looks at the address on the package, they just scan it and go. Now this took all of Monday. They then said it would now not be delivered until the 23rd. That is 5 full days from the time it left Nevada. I could have shipped it regular ground, and assuming it was not miss routed, it would have only been 3 days according to their own transit times. As of today the 22nd it says it has left Rockville at 3:51 AM. I wonder where it is headed now? Even if it gets to Denver on a Plane, I will be Lucky if it gets delivered by the 24th. It will get unloaded at the air hub and go to the regular hub. With the extra Christmas volume it will sit at the regular hub all day and be loaded in a truck on the 24th. Assuming they put it on the right truck and the driver knows where he is going I might see it by the end of the day on the 24th. What great service, that is 6 days for a 2nd day air package. What I am worried about is with all of that handling, it will be damaged or destroyed. I will update again.

  • target 1/3/2010, 12:31 am

    UPS will make one into a BULLSEYE: as UPS VANS are bigger than a car, bike , pedestrian, etc.
    And do a felony hit-and-run.
    As it been done against me.
    I highly thank the existence of this website.

  • target 1/3/2010, 12:40 am

    Note that this industry is so afraid to have security/cameras installed onto their vehicles.
    For the reason of collisions.
    I have been advocating on this, ever since my incident with UPS sideswiping against me. Hit-and-run.
    That only show to prove GUILT OF THIS INDUSTRY.

    Any advocating/support from any of you, will help.

  • no/brown 1/9/2010, 1:27 am

    HEY — UPS made their best delivery ever!!!!!:
    As of today, 1/08/2010:
    it be announce in the tv news, that “!800” white collar jobs — management & administrative.
    They will get “CUT.”

  • Brown headaches. 1/10/2010, 2:48 pm

    Love the post about their best delivery ever! ^^^

    Wow – and I thought I was the only one with UPS problems.
    1. Unfortunately, I’ve had people try to send things through UPS to a PO Box. We could ask why UPS even accepted them, but that’s another topic. The first time the package went to someone in the same town with the same initials and last name. Fortunately, I worked with him (not related) and he brought it to work.
    2. UPS took a Christmas package for my roommate to some other random address. I still don’t know what they were doing. All she ever got back was the family photos that were in the package. The family that mistakenly received it ate the cookies and candy that was included.
    3. UPS left a package on our doorstep that must have been stolen. We called the company and we drove over to pick up a new one since they were local.
    4. UPS left a package containing medication that required refrigeration on our doorstep in the middle of summer in Dallas. It was not ours and when we called them to come pick it up and take it to the right address, they refused. We eventually ended up delivering the package.
    5. There was another package we didn’t receive. When we went to pick it up at their center they were very nasty about the whole incident.
    These were all in the Dallas area. I figured the problems were just in this region because a company that was run that poorly couldn’t possibly stay in business.
    On the other hand, I’ve had three checks end up missing from my post office box. The post office never did find them.
    Recently I sent a check to my bank and used priority mail from Amarillo to Fort Worth. I paid extra for tracking. It went to Fort Worth in one day and then sat in Fort Worth for three days. When I called USPS to find out what was going on, all they could tell me is that the information posted online for tracking is not actually accurate, and my letter may or may not be where it says it is. What??? I paid extra for that service??? Incidentally, I sent another letter the same day from Amarillo to Tacoma by regular mail. It arrived two days before the priority mail from Amarillo to Fort Worth.
    There are problems with both, but the post office is at least (a little) more polite about it.

  • BOSSMAN 1/14/2010, 3:49 am


  • Alana 1/14/2010, 11:21 am

    UPS has got me by the fucking balls (or whatever it is for women anyway). According to the tracking website, my delivery was scheduled on the 12th; waited from 8am, all the way to 8pm – my one day off – and nothing. The entire day of waiting… Website never changed tracking date to another, so why should I have thought otherwise. I even called to confirm the 12th, for which I received affirmation.
    The next day, called again, described my situation, agreed to reschedule on the 13th and even confirmed after a certain hour I should receive my package- I still waited from 8am and had someone house sit once I left home till after 8pm– and nobody shows up!! It was supposed to be for the day before that, and they have the audacity to just leave it at that.
    I called again this morning and one again, I get the same thing… It’s just unbelievable. This is a major metropolitan city in Canada we’re talking about (and not particularly vast geographically, I may add), and UPS is no small player.

    What is the point of scheduling a delivery date when they will not show much for a time, much less the entire day? Or even the day after that? What is the point of tracking if it has not been updated in four days, and my “scheduled delivery date” is still posted as three days ago?

    I have heard all kinds of terrible things about this company but it was the vendor’s choice to use them; this is something I paid for (and in more ways than one… ). People usually complain about the internet service people giving similar waiting hours, but at least they show up (and if they don’t and you call to let them know, they send someone over immediately, or schedule it to your convenience). UPS is just awful.

  • rubeN 1/19/2010, 8:24 pm

    My time to rant about UPS…

    Was expecting a package to be delivered to me on 19th. So I track it online and what do I see… INCORRECT routing to a different city in ORANGE COUNTY. The worse part is that, instead of having them delivering it the next day, it’s its scheduled for the 21th. WTF is that…

  • Shawn@SoScooter.com 1/28/2010, 6:19 pm

    Yes, UPS does suck; companies out there should definitely switch to FedEx or DHL.

    1. At my parents’ house, the UPS guy used his foot to “slide” our package over to me, because he was on the phone. Thanks, that was really polite!

    2. We started renting a new apartment and were having new cellphones sent over by Rogers. The UPS guy can’t find our names on the buzzer list, so just leaves. (I called UPS to have their guy call my cellphone… but NO… they aren’t able to contact him!) So, no one at the door, they just leave! Uhh… UPS dude, you could’ve buzzed the management office (which is right by the entrance) and asked them to either let you in or to call me.

    To UPS’ credit, well, their call center people are helpful and polite.

    They still suck, though.

  • Terry Walker 2/2/2010, 10:09 am

    Before Christmas I had an expensive kitchen faucet, still under warranty, to go bad and the company agreed to send a new one to me. I had water running in the floor every time I used the faucet and to get it here the next day I had to pay extra, $30.00 to be exact. That was ok since a new faucet was over $200.00. It had snowed over the weekend but the main roads were clear and I expected the faucet that evening. 6:00 PM rolled around and as I tracked the package I saw that they put an “exception” on my package because of bad weather. You pay $30.00 to get something delivered overnight, guaranteed, and if they decide not to deliver it you’re just out of luck. I called UPS and got some kind of lie about the package still being at the terminal, that it never got on the truck. I know that it was a lie because the next day I had to go out and meet the truck to pick up the package because they were not going to get around to delivering it again because of bad weather. The roads were still clear. They are just plain sorry. I asked the driver if he had the package yesterday and he said he did. The reason he could not deliver it was that he was given too many packages to deliver in one day. My next day air was not going to be delivered for 4 or 5 days. How is that for efficiency. I will always use Fedex if I have a choice. Fedex delivered a package to my front door the same day that UPS was supposed to deliver my faucet. They had no problem what so ever.

  • Bob 2/19/2010, 12:24 pm

    Well I found something out today that made me want to laugh and cry at the same time. I live in Canada ontreal and I sent my Seagate 1TB hard drive to Toronto to get the firmware flashed because Seagate SD15 screws up. It was totally covered under warranty and seagate took care of the shipping. I printed the UPS label and took it to the UPS store for shipping. No problems so far. Seagate flashed the drive, everything is fine. Again no problems. I use the tracking number and see that it went from Mississauga, Ontario to Condord, Ontario. Again, no problems, both are in the greater Toronto area and Concord is east of Mississauga. There’s no ETA posted so I call the number on the website. First, I get UPS USA who says that they’ll transfer me to UPS International. I say “no problem” and I get transferred. Then I find out that the number for Canadian domestic deliveries is different. Ok, kind of annoying but no problem. I call the number and sure enough, I get UPS Canada. I speak to a nice lady (can’t remember her name) and ask for an ETA (just which day) and whether or not it’s coming to my home or the UPS store I sent it from, I told her either one is fine. Well she said it’s scheduled to arrive today and I was happy to hear that because I’m stuck on my single-core laptop. My quad-core gaming rig is unusable without a hard drive of course…lol

    Then she says something that stops me in my tracks. “For some reason sir, even though you’re in Quebec, this package has been shipped ground to Edmonton. It is currently on a truck going directly to Regina.”
    Now, I understand that most Americans no little to nothing about Canada’s geography so here’s a quick lesson. Canada is HUGE. From Concord, Ontario to Regina, Saskatchewan is 1,674 miles. If they don’t catch it there, then it will travel another 486 miles to Edmonton. It will get turned around there and it will have to travel back the original 2,160 miles to get back to Concord and then another 435 miles to me. That means my package that should have travelled only 435 miles will have travelled almost 2,600 miles by ground to get to me. The best part is, they cannot send a message in advance to the Regina hub telling them about the problem until it gets there. I have to watch the website tracking information FOR THEM! WTF is wrong with this company? I’ll be on the phone with Seagate in about 30 minutes and I’m going to let Seagate handle this. Let’s see how UPS deals with the world leader in hard drive manufacture as opposed to little ol’ me. Those bastards better have it on a plane back to Montreal as soon as it arrives in Regina! I’ll post again with an update when I find out what happens next.

  • Bob 2/19/2010, 12:27 pm

    Let me fix that, it’s not 2,600 miles, it’s 3,783 miles.

  • target 2/26/2010, 1:57 am

    Anyone still kicking UPS?

    Remember to document those small digits in the top corner of the vans, in addition to the license plates.
    UPS be so aware, in me doing it, via my complaint — for that felony hit-and-run.
    That UPS has now made the (formerly) digits from a yellow, into a dark goldenrod color.
    So to camouflage -deeper- with the **** brown color of the vans.
    Obviously: UPS’ intent == making it harder for anyone to see those digits. Before the van be too far.
    In addition to reading them — as the letter being tighter in spacing:
    (a) be it the digits apart
    (b) the holes of the numbers: like “6” “8” “9”

  • Dan 3/24/2010, 11:36 pm

    I bought an apartment security system on the internet, paid for second day air shipment and specifically requested “Please require signature and ID for delivery”.

    I tracked the package and expected delivery today, but nevertheless had to go to work. When I arrived home this afternoon, there was no UPS delivery slip on the outside door of my apartment building. Instead, the package sat in the apartment hallway, slit open. All the contents appear to be intact. But I have no clue how the package got opened, who (if anyone) viewed the contents, or why UPS finds it impossible to actually follow directions, and instead just dumps packages with the slightest excuse.

    I will never buy anything again from anyone who ships by UPS. It just isn’t worth the stress.

  • Dan 3/24/2010, 11:50 pm

    Just to make clear, I meant to say that “the package sat in the apartment building hallway, slit open.”