UPS sucks

I often wonder what kind of morons run UPS. I received a phone call this morning from Dell about the monitor I ordered from them and which I have been expecting for a little while now. They said that UPS said that the address on the package didn’t exist. I had the Dell rep read the address to me. It was correct and mine, so I said, “That’s the right address. It does exist. UPS is incompetent and you shouldn’t use them.” I also was, according to the tracking info on J&R, supposed to receive an APC UPS via UPS (ha!) today. It never came.

So, I decide to go to both tracking tickets online. Both tickets had the same exact message: “A CORRECT COMPANY OR RECEIVER NAME IS NEEDED FOR DELIVERY. UPS IS ATTEMPTING TO OBTAIN THIS INFORMATION;THE ADDRESS HAS BEEN CORRECTED. THE DELIVERY HAS BEEN RESCHEDULED.” The incompetent sorters and delivery people at UPS read BRONXVILLE on both of these packages and routed them on BRONX UPS trucks today. Stupid, but all too common mistake. Try glancing at the ZIP code once in a while, UPS. Stop wasting my time.

I encourage all businesses if they want my business to consider dropping UPS and using FedEx or DHL. UPS, first you ruined your classic logo, and now you just suck.

//rant off