Museum of Modern Art

detail of Pollock

Originally uploaded by C.K. Sample, III.

Yesterday, as part of my birthday gift, Kristin took me to the Museum of Modern Art to see the Pixar exhibit. Unfortunately, they didn’t allow pictures of the exhibit, but they did of the rest of the museum, so have at them. Also, the Pixar exhibit was insanely crowded, so I think we only managed to see about 2/3rds of it before we gave up due to the crowds. The sculptures of the characters were very cool, and there was an amazing zoetrope of Pixar characters that spun around very fast and then a strobe light started so that it appeared as if they were all animated. There was also a large film that passed through multiple layers of Pixar artwork, as if it were some sort of MGM ride. One gentleman upon leaving the exhibit, said, “That’s not an exhibit; it’s a 15 minute infomercial for Pixar.” I didn’t share his lack of enthusiasm for the show, but I could see his point.

We then went through the rest of the museum for a while before meeting up with Tom and Michelle, and continuing on. It was interesting to watch Kristin’s response to the artwork, especially the anti-art pieces.

After the museum, we went to dinner at Pastis, which was excellent with the major mistake of my plate arriving a full 25 minutes after everyone else’s. We complained, were all furious, left a paltry tip, and got the plate comped. Then we went to Starbucks for some coffee and parted for the night.