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Google Tips

Note to self: Learn the following Google Tips backwards and forwards and become a 3rd level search ninja.

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Quadruple Pop, sizzle, then burnt smell…

So, I’m sitting here on my couch, when suddenly I hear three loud pops coming from the direction of the kitchen. I jump up startled. Misha is perched with his head stuck out, neck thin, frozen in fear at the … Continue reading

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By Danny Gregory

For a while now, I’ve been a huge fan of Danny Gregory and his blog. And since I believe in supporting things that I enjoy, I purchased his new book, The Creative License, which I received yesterday from Amazon. I … Continue reading

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Podcast voice

Today I had an audio chat with my friend Jason Ball, who lives in London. There was a lot of ambient noise on both ends, so we both grabbed out headsets to chat. As soon as I plugged in mine … Continue reading

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PSP Hacks cover unveiled

Looks like they snuck up the cover on the O’Reilly site for the book in the past couple of days. Here’s the book’s blurb: PSP Hacks shows you how to make the versatile and powerful new PlayStation Portable (PSP) do … Continue reading

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