Quadruple Pop, sizzle, then burnt smell…

So, I’m sitting here on my couch, when suddenly I hear three loud pops coming from the direction of the kitchen. I jump up startled. Misha is perched with his head stuck out, neck thin, frozen in fear at the noise. I look around with no idea where the noise came from. I walk around the dining room, back into the kitchen, then I notice a slight burnt smell. I check to make sure the oven is off. It is. Then I look up and notice that the lights in the overhead fan are burning much brighter than they should. I try pulling the light cord, but it pulls down and sticks and the entire thing is very hot to the touch. I flip the wall switch, wait a moment, then flip it back on, a fourth loud pop comes from the fan, followed by a slight sizzle noise as the lights go out, followed by an even stronger burnt smell. I turn the wall switch back off and contemplate whether this means I just need a new light fixture or if I need to call an electrician to have the connection and wiring in the apartment checked out. Instead, I call my father-in-law, who is an engineer, and we make plans to take down and replace the fixture over the holidays.

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