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4 word review: King Kong

Saw King Kong. . . . eh. Advertisements

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PSP Hacks on Amazon

Did you get a PSP for Christmas? Want to find out how to add an external wifi antenna or how to take the PSP apart and fully reassemble it? Want to play games that were only designed to be wirelessly … Continue reading

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angel Originally uploaded by C.K. Sample, III. Christmas was nice. Everyone seemed to enjoy the gifts I got them and I’m definitely enjoying all that I received. My favorite gift is the new Nikkor macro lens that Kristin got me … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve

Kristin and I flew down to Mississippi yesterday to visit my family. The flight wasn’t that bad. Watched some episodes of The Office and the Sci Fi Inside Battlestar Galactica on my iPod and played some games on the PSP. … Continue reading

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Check out this Footage of possible Sasquatch in California. If you watch the footage, the whole bottom part of the arm sways backwards in a way that no mammal’s joints would move. D’uh.

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Google Tips

Note to self: Learn the following Google Tips backwards and forwards and become a 3rd level search ninja.

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Quadruple Pop, sizzle, then burnt smell…

So, I’m sitting here on my couch, when suddenly I hear three loud pops coming from the direction of the kitchen. I jump up startled. Misha is perched with his head stuck out, neck thin, frozen in fear at the … Continue reading

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