PSP Hacks on Amazon

Did you get a PSP for Christmas? Want to find out how to add an external wifi antenna or how to take the PSP apart and fully reassemble it? Want to play games that were only designed to be wirelessly played in Ad Hoc mode over the Internet instead? Want to share one UMD with multiple players? Are you more interested in building a stand or case for your PSP? If any of this sounds interesting to you, then you’ll want to buy this book.

Of course, if it doesn’t sound like you at all, but you read this site or any other site I write for and you enjoy what you read, I won’t complain much if you go ahead and buy a copy and give it away, stick it on the shelf unread, or donate it to your local library. ;-)



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Christmas was nice. Everyone seemed to enjoy the gifts I got them and I’m definitely enjoying all that I received. My favorite gift is the new Nikkor macro lens that Kristin got me for my D70. I’m supposed to be able to focus at a 1:1 ratio at a minimum distance of 8 and 3/4″, but that must be rated on a film camera, because with the D70, I can get in as close as about an inch and still focus. This angel figurine is only about 3.5-4″ tall. Great lens.

Also, I scored a bunch of clothing and six new PSP games. w00t!

Christmas Eve

Kristin and I flew down to Mississippi yesterday to visit my family. The flight wasn’t that bad. Watched some episodes of The Office and the Sci Fi Inside Battlestar Galactica on my iPod and played some games on the PSP. Kristin’s mom let me open one of my gifts from her before we skipped out of town. Got Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories for the PSP, which Kristin and I have both been playing, and Lord of the Rings Tactics for the PSP, which is a bit disappointing.

Everything is good in Mississippi. Good to see Kevin and my parents. I hadn’t seen them since the wedding. Gran and Boogie (grandparents) are coming over tonight for Christmas Eve dinner. Should be good.