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So, yesterday, on the way back from visiting Kristin’s aunt in New Jersey, we stopped by the camera shop where I bought my Nikon D70, and I bought a Sigma 70-300mmD 1:4-5.6DG Telephoto / Macro zoom lens. I had just walked into the store for a brush to clean off the camera when I asked if they had any telephoto lenses for the D70, and they had this one at a reasonable price, so I grabbed it. I spent a good part of yesterday and today snapping away in both telephoto and macro modes, playing with the lens and familiarizing myself with it. Lots of throwaway shots resulted, as I quickly discovered that you really need a tripod for a lot of the macro shots. Otherwise, it’s all dependent on a really steady hand, multiple versions of the same shot, and a bit of luck. I got lucky a few times. I especially like this super extreme close-up shot of Misha’s beak. It was looking a little jagged, so I took him by the pet store where we bought him this morning and had it trimmed.

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  1. Chris L W says:

    Nice shot! You just gave me something to “shoot” for with the macro function on my Fuji A350. Nowhere near as nice as your D70, but it’s my baby!

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