BuzzMachine on Google commodifying everything

This is a good post. I’m not always the biggest fan of Google, and I am suspicious of their do-no-evil policy, combined with their continued non-support, or delayed support of Apple. Internet tools need to be as open as possible to all platforms, and Google of all companies has the money to do it right and they continually fail to do it right.

That aside, I agree fully with this bit:

ALSO: Tim O’Reilly writes an op-ed in today’s Times supporting Google’s Library Project and I wholeheartedly agree. I can’t imagine writing and publishing a book and then directing that it should be hidden in the bookstore so no one can find it and destroyed as soon as it’s no longer current so no one can find it. That’s in essence what the authors are trying to do. But then again, that’s what content sites also do when they hide their stuff in data bases and behind pay walls making it unsearchable. Today, if you’re not searchable, you don’t exist.

Search-ability is existence. Cogito ergo sum has changed a bit in the 21st. How would you say, “I’m searched, therefore I am” in Latin? We need a blog-badge for this people! ;-)


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