PSP Hacks, First Edition

PSP Hacks, First Edition is finally revealed. It’s what I’ve been working on quite a bit this summer. The description is a little out of date right now, as we’ve changed a lot since version 2.0 of the firmware came out. We’re also not sure if we’re sold on the tag line yet: “Tips & Tools for the Ultimate Wireless Handheld,” so if you can think of a catchier title in the format of “Tips & Tools for…” then put them in the comments of this post and if we go with your tag line, I’ll send you a free copy of the book.

We’re going to have 50 hacks in the book covering the full gamut of things you can do to trick out your PSP and your usage of the PSP, so start saving up your hard-earned $25 so you can buy a copy. ;-)

w00t! My first book!

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