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Some of you may have seen the Weblogs Inc Contract over at MetaFilter. I just wanted to comment on two bits from the perspective of a blogger actively working inside the network. First off, the non-compete isn’t as bad as it reads. Usually all you have to do is say “Hey, do you guys mind if I do this?” And the uber-gods of Weblogs, Inc. generally reply, “Cool. Sure.” I can post here, as well as all my other personal blogs, to Apple Matters, and to my O’Reilly blog without breaking my non-compete. I think it’s mostly a CYA measure to discourage bloggers from defecting to competing blogs.

However, I don’t think that’s much of an issue. For the most part, everyone I’ve met or interacted with at Weblogs, Inc. has been super-positive and excited about the network, the people involved in the network, and have all been genuinely interested in producing good content for our readers. And as far as the pay topic goes, the whole lot of us have received raises recently for the second time in less than six months. I’ve never known a job to do that before.

Secondly, what’s up with the weird timeline post by Kate Hopkins in the comments at Metafilter? 23rd to 29th (six days) she doesn’t hear anything, so she gets all upset? And then on June 29th, she gets an email missing an attachment and she thinks “How rude?” How about, “Hey, you seem to have forgotten the attachment. Thanks!” People forget attachments, sometimes. It’s not comparable with someone belching at dinner.

Something fishy about her whole response on this, I think. Perhaps her new found fame from the Time Magazine reference went too quickly to her head… Or maybe she’s just a blogger, like any other: overly egotistical and overly prone to conspiracy theories (note: I am including myself in this pool, although I lean a bit further towards the ego side than the conspiracy side).

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  1. Jason says:

    I think you summed it up perfectly.

    When we started we didn’t pay anything. Then we paid something, now we pay OK to good. Eventually we will pay excellent… that is the goal and the folks who’ve been positive and helping the network grow for a little while get much more then $4 a post as you know (I’m not going to get into all the details since that gives away our strategy).

    Of the 120+ bloggers we have no one has complained about the pay, the contract, or the gig. It seems the only folks who are up in arms are the folks outside the network… and frankly I don’t work for them. I work for the bloggers in the network! :-)

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