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psp moveable stand

psp moveable stand, originally uploaded by C.K. Sample, III. Okay. Remember the crappy case from yesterday? Well, I attached it to what used to be a cheap Ikea desk lamp and ran the charger cord through the thing, so now … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to PSP Websites

Dear owner of a PSP-related website, I love visiting your site and downloading the content that you provide. However, now that I have v.2.0 of the firmware running on my PSP, I’ve started visiting your site via my PSP more … Continue reading

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Crappiest PSP case ever

crappiest PSP case ever Originally uploaded by C.K. Sample, III. I just spent more time than I’d like to admit making this very basic case for my PSP out of cardboard. Oh, yeah…you heard me right. First, there was the … Continue reading

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On the new PSP video format…

PSP 411 has the info: …it does seem that users might be able to pack more video per megabyte with AVC if there’s this much bitrate legroom left over. So far, the improvements are only minor, but we’d like to … Continue reading

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How to use blogs in Education

Here’s the other side of the coin: Following on from how NOT to use blogs in education this post attempts to summarise this paper and add a few extra angles onto how you can use blogs effectively in education and … Continue reading

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