More notes on the PSP 2.0 browser

If you get an out of memory error, simply bring up the browser’s interface (hit Triangle) and then navigate to Tools, hit the X button, and choose “Delete Cache.” After you’ve done so, refresh the page. It should now load.

Last night, in the previous post, I discovered that not only can you download files via the browser, but you can also upload files from the Memory Stick Duo card to the web. I uploaded the picture in this post to my Flickr account last night via the PSP, but this is great, b/c it means you can basically set up an FTP page on your web space and use that page to upload and download files to and from the PSP.

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  2. el chiffo says:

    lack of youtube support is annoying, and the usb keyboard is taking too long… the whole psp is slowly dying coz 1 analog stick and still very little compatibility with ps3… oh well, cheap umds for me :)

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