Blog as Business: Ideal verses Reality

Jason waxes poetic in a recent entry about what the blog-life is like: Walden 3 (or “Utopia as business model”). This is definitely the ideal that we’re all shooting for and would like to see happen, but it’s not the reality yet. There is a buzz in the Weblogs, Inc. camp, however, and we’re all very excited to see things actually heading strongly in this direction.

My lifelong dream has been to work as a writer full-time, working out of my home at my own schedule, and perhaps teach a class here and there along the way. If Weblogs, Inc. keeps growing exponentially, I could see this dream becoming a reality sooner than later.

However, the reality of the situation is that it’s not there yet. Last Spring, I was effectively working 5 jobs: my full-time job, my new blog job at TUAW, my article writing for Apple Matters, the class I was teaching at Iona, and attempting to keep my dissertation afloat. Only one of these jobs was a full-time thing, but they all cumulatively amount to a lot of work and stress.

Now, things have shifted, but I’d say I’m even busier. I’m going through a major transition at my day job, which unfortunately means that I am having to give up teaching the class at Iona. I’ve flourished at TUAW and started writing for other in-network blogs, but alongside that an entirely new writing project that I’ve been working on for a while has come up, and I’ve had to put my work over at Apple Matters on hold. I’ve also had to put my dissertation on hold for the summer for this project. Lots of work and stress, even now.

I’m excited about Weblogs, Inc., and what’s going on in that space, but until it reaches a level of profitability beyond where it is now, it’s not the mainstay. It’s a nice extra paycheck to help ease everything, but it’s not the mainstay. Blogging is the labor of love that I’m doing in hopes that it may someday evolve into the mainstay.

I can see the Utopia, I think we will get there, but right now, I’m still working hard in other areas so that I can stay afloat while waiting for that Utopia to arrive.

I’m tugging on the rope with all my team mates, so hopefully we’ll be able to dock on that island soon.