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Russell Beattie installed PSP Update 2.0

It looks like Russell took the plunge and installed the v.2.0 PSP Update. Evidently, even though it is the Japanese version of the firmware, it works fine on the U.S. PSPs.

Keep in mind that if you are interested in running any homebrew, then you do not want to install this update, as homebrew currently only runs on v.1.50 or younger firmware. Fortunately, I have 2 PSPs: one slightly broken unit that I’ve been hacking away at and one pristine newer one. I’m going to wait until the end of the day and see if an official U.S. version of the firmware is released, and then, either way, I’m going to update the non-hacked PSP to version 2.0 firmware. I’ll keep the other slightly hacked PSP for homebrew.

UPDATE: Okay, so I didn’t wait until the end of the day. It works. h00t!

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  • kirit 8/10/2005, 9:26 pm

    i wann up date my psp

  • Ahelpedlittleboy 8/12/2005, 10:40 am

    i was helped a lot by this! this morning at exactly midnight i tryed to get the update and it didnt work. it still isnt working yet, and i am getting a little impatiant, so at the end of the day i think i will do the same thing you are doing. thanks for the idea!

  • RJ 8/12/2005, 12:39 pm

    i just want to say that this works awesome! thnx dude!

  • damien 8/12/2005, 6:10 pm

    how do i update my psp(usa)/…??

  • BOB 8/23/2005, 8:21 pm

    when is the update comin shit

  • ANTHONY 12/13/2005, 1:43 pm

    How come when I try to download the file it goes to “Page cannot be displayed”? can someone help me please i want to update my new psp!

  • ANTHONY 12/13/2005, 1:44 pm

    Can someone help me update my psp i click the link it says page cannot be displayed

  • asdf 8/16/2006, 5:16 am

    tell me where i can download update 2.00