New things with PSP Firmware v2.0

I’ve been tinkering with the PSP firmware and there are a lot of new things with this new version:

  • Themes and Wallpaper—While the monthly background color change that was the only option with previous versions of the firmware remains as the “Original” theme, you can now select any of the 12 colors as your default theme as well. Also, you can navigate to Photo—>Memory Stick, choose any of your pictures and click X to display the picture. While it is displayed, hit the Triangle button and choose Set as Wallpaper from the control panel to make that image the background wallpaper image for your PSP’s main control interface.
  • Transfer pictures via WiFi—While you are viewing a picture, you can also hit the Triangle button and select send to attempt to send the picture to another PSP. While either having the Memory Stick selected under Photo or one of the folders in your Memory Stick selected, you can hit the Triangle button and choose Receive to receive images from other PSPs. This file transfer over WiFi feature unfortunately doesn’t seem to work with Videos or Music, but that’s to be expected. The good news is that it most likely won’t be too difficult to trick the PSP into thinking that your computer is another PSP; WiFi transferring of pictures between your computer and your PSP probably isn’t that far away.
  • New Security—Now there’s support for both WPA and WEP WiFi security (before, there had only been WEP). Also, there is a new Internet Browser Start Control Password to work with parental controls to block access to the new web browser.
  • Web Browser—Not only can you browse the web rather nicely and set up book marks. You can also edit webforms (I posted to this site earlier with it), You can also download pictures from websites you visit and then set the picture as your wallpaper. I haven’t tried it yet, but I would bet you can download video as well. I need to test to see if I can download attachments, like Word documents, etc. I may not be able to open them on the PSP, but if I can download them, that at least is something. The screen looks great for web browsing. Flash doesn’t work, but who cares? I wish the analog stick would let you scroll up and down and around the page. Right now, the analog stick lets you move around the contents of the current screen, panning and scanning from left to right, but to move up and down a page, you have to use the directional keypad to jump erratically between links.Update: Holding down the Square button allows for scrolling around the page with the analog stick. Also, the browser supports tabbed browsing. You can only have 3 tabs, by the looks of it, and you cannot seem to launch a link into one of the tabsyou can only launch links in tabs by bringing up the browser’s interface (Triangle) and selecting File then Open Link in Different Tab, but this could be useful for keeping webmail open in the background while you surf around. Or for surfing on one tab, while posting to your website in another. However, that’s the Achilles heel of the PSP web browser: text entry. Once there’s a nice little USB keyboard that works nicely with this, it is going to kill.

These are all my early first impressions. Check back for more later.

UPDATE: Downloading files—Here’s what I just did. On my PSP, I went to this page, which is where Rocketboom provides PSP and 3GPP ports of all their vlogs. Really cool. Now, I selected one of the formatted for the PSP videos with the mouse and hit the Triangle button, which brings up the browser interface. Select the control on the far left, called “File”, hit the X button, and the 3rd option down is “Save Link Target.” Choose this option, hit X, change the Destination field to /MP_ROOT/100MNV01, then click X to confirm that you want to save in that folder, then select Save and hit X again. The download will begin. Hit the Home button, go over to Video, select your Memory Stick and hit the X button. The file should be there. Click X and play. Who needs a computer? It looks like you can also save files to the Music folder, a Common area, and a few other spots. Pretty cool.

‘NOTHER UPDATE: Okay. It doesn’t look like it worked after all. The file was downloaded and the next time I connected my PSP to my computer it was sitting there, but the .mp4 at the end of the file wasn’t capitalized so it didn’t show up on the PSP. After capitalizing it myself it showed up as corrupted data. Hmmm. Rocketboom problem, or downloading problem?

NEXT DAY UPDATE: So I spent some (probably too much) time last night, lying in bed surfing around the net on my PSP. The web-browsing capabilities on this thing are sweet: Much faster than my Palm LifeDrive, my old PocketPC, or any of the various PDAs and little non-computers that I’ve tried surfing the web with in the past. As I mentioned before, there is tabbed browsing (with only 3 tabs) and you can open links in one of the available tabs. You can also download files to the PSP and, unlike my LifeDrive, the PSP will accept downloads of file types with which it isn’t familiar. Last night, I downloaded several pictures from my Flickr page (and I then made one of these pics the wallpaper for my PSP), I downloaded a few podcasts and MP3s (and then navigated over to Music and listened to them immediately), and I downloaded a few Word documents and a few PDFs to the Common folder of my Memory Stick. I couldn’t access these files via the PSP, but they are there and ready for viewing the next time I plug my PSP into my computer. UPDATE: Forgot to mention that it works with Bloglines too.

The only downsides I’ve seen with the web-browser is the lack of Flash-support and that some rather crowded sites give you a “Not enough memory” error when you navigate to them, but 9 times out of 10, the site still loads after you cancel out of the error. Also, if you are going to use the PSP as any sort of real web-capable device for long periods, you’re going to want to invest in a few backup battery packs. This thing devours battery life when surfing.

Things I haven’t tried yet, but which look promising:

Also, Dave’s iPaq has a video of how to grab podcasts with the PSP for those of you who are interested in the step-by-step. And, thanks to R.J. in the comments, I now know of a new place where I can get some nice backgrounds for my PSP.

NOTE: More browser specific features are discussed in this later post.

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113 Responses to New things with PSP Firmware v2.0

  1. David says:

    If you hold the SQUARE button, move the joystick around and the screen will scroll.

  2. c.k. says:

    Oh yeah. Just figured that out and then your email arrived. Coolness.

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  4. r.j. says:

    theres a decent guide for downloading psp wallpapers at

  5. KennyL says:

    The browser apparently has two fit width options. The first option shrinks everything down to fit PSP screen width, and the second option adjusts the table structure without shrinking stuff.

    Have you tried this?

  6. c.k. says:

    Hey KennyL, what does that link say? I only read English and German.

    Anyway, The browser has 3 fit options and you can set the font to be displayed in 3 different sizes too. Pretty cool.

  7. Trevor says:

    I, too, spent most of yesterday fiddling with the new 2.0 features. You hit all the major points here, C.K.—nice overview.

    As far as wallpapers go, there’s a nifty web-based utility at that helps you make your own wallpaper images.

    I tried the GMail trick and it works slick. The only thing is you have to be careful with your filenames; if they are too long, they won’t be uploaded. A neat alternative to this is to use HTTP File Server [] on a host PC (I didn’t see a Mac version, which is unfortunate…). Simply drag and drop files into the HFS window and then point your PSP browser to the IP address of the host PC.

  8. niko says:

    If you hold down the X button over a link it will open in a new tab.

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  10. d.w. says:

    Trevor — the Mac will have Apache installed… turn on “Personal Web Sharing” and create a PSP subdirectory in the Sites directory in your Home folder and you’re good to go.

  11. Chadwick359 says:

    Holding down circle on a link will open it in a new tab.

  12. c.k. says:

    Ha ha, Chadwick. O exits out of the browser. Very funny. Don’t be fooled by this misinformation everyone. Holding down on the X button on a link (rather than just hitting it) opens in a new tab, as niko notes above.

  13. markx says:

    You can edit the bookmarks.html files with a text editor of choice by navigating to (on a Mac) /Volumes/your device name/PSP/SYSTEM/BROWSER/bookmarks.html Much easier to clean them up and organize them via a text editor.

  14. slash says:

    ck, you can also open a tab by clicking on the link and holding it down with X..

  15. Jeff says:

    The 2.0 web browser is nice except it has the MAJOR, MAJOR flaw that it cannot load virtually any image..I’m talking it cannot even load a 40k jpeg file off a picture web site, so forget about it for viewing pics or prOn or anything. It evidently does NOT use the memory stick for any temp page storage, so you’re stuck to 32k max page total. USELESS!!!!

  16. c.k. says:

    Jeff, I’ve never had problems with images. I browse Flickr all the time. Under the tools menu (if you bring up the Browser interface using the Triangle button) you can increase the cache size for web pages. If a page doesn’t load because of an out of memory error, going to this same control area and selecting “Delete Cache” then reloading the page usually gets it to work.

  17. c.k. says:

    evolver, you have to place the videos inside a folder called 101MNV01 which is placed inside the MP_ROOT folder of the Memory Stick. All of the files have to be MPEG4, encoded under 768mbps and named something M4Vxxxxx.MP4 where the x represents a number. Best thing to do is run your vids through a program like iPSP or PSPware which will automate all of this for you.

  18. matt says:

    i dont know whats up with all of your psp videos, because for videos to work on my psp i have to name them something that looks exactly like this except the last 4 numbers, M4VC0012.MP4,i dont know why its different,its an american 1.5 version

  19. Tom says:


    Also what is Rakuraku WLAN Start and how does it work PLEASE PLEASE help me get the net working on it i really have absolutely no idea what i am doing =(

  20. malcolm says:

    If you go to they have a web portal where there are games and links ext. its great there are instuctions and its easy to use just use the have to become a member but their are no reqirements or anything and its free.

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  22. devpal says:

    can u play games on the internet browser for eg. on miniclip etc.


  23. george says:

    i was flickiering through my boxers yesterday and i found something pretty amazing, POOO!.


  24. Jeff H. says:

    i already have the psp firmware 2.0 web browser that i got from the japanese website, can i still get the english one and how. Can somebody give me a website?



  25. James says:

    does any one know if i can play my downloaded iso games on psp 2.0 because i upgraded but haven’t got the mem stick yet so if it works i’ll but it so does any one know if the iso files will work.

    thank you

  26. James says:

    the english one isn’t out yet tommmorow i think

  27. Jeff H. says:


    and what do u mean iso games

  28. asdfdsf says:

    where can I get the 2.00 update for the PSP

  29. jamez says:

    yea he means the the psp games you donload from a bittorrent server can they be played on the new psp firmware 2.0.

  30. c.k. says:

    No, and I strongly recommend against piracy. It’s not only illegal and wrong, but the more that people pirate, the more Sony will come out with new stricter versions of the firmware, that continue to limit cool things like the homebrew scene.

  31. jamez says:

    but is it possible to be able to play downloaded iso files on psp 2.0 firmware

  32. darkstory says:

    yeah im haveing some problems connecting to the internet on it. i set it up but it gets stuck on getting the IP what am i doing wrong here, my friend as well has the same problem.

  33. Dave DuJour says:

    I’m having a similar problem to Tom & darkstory. Every time I try and connect to my wireless connection at home I get A CONNECTION ERROR HAS OCCURRED (80410D07) unless I turn off my AP’s encyption (WEP) and have it broadcast, i.e., leave my entire wireless network wide open. This I don’t want to do, but I can’t get my PSP to connect to my (relatively) secure wireless network.

    I have gotten my PSP to connect at some open WiFi spots like coffee shops.

  34. Omni says:


    Two thinks that might help solve this one, One make sure your router is set-up to not only accept connections from certian mac address, you might have to enter it into your router like I had to do with mine, and secondly make sure you set up the wep key properly so if your using 128 bit encryption you should be entering in about 27 characters. you can’t put in the passphrase won’t work. must be something like 483AEE2F0526D49CCDF927R541 but other than that it won’t be a PSP problem its router settings of some sort. check that mac address n stuff. cause my wireless is limited to WEP and then if that gets threw then it checks the MAC and if its not listed then its not getting on at all.

  35. twimfy says:

    4 those of u arguing about which button opens a new tab. its x on the US version of the psp and circle on the jap. all 2 do with regional preference.-posted with a psp lol :)

  36. rusty shackleford says:

    this is great but it raises some many guestions cause i really dont know what i am doing do i want to update or notoh and that poop in the underware sounds like a personal problem

  37. Marz says:

    i have the psp games (e. Ridge Racer, Wipe Out) that can run on memory sticks. When i get firmware will they stop working?

  38. Marz says:

    i have the psp games (e. Ridge Racer, Wipe Out) that can run on memory sticks. When i get firmware will they stop working? someone please help me if they know :)

  39. dshappard says:

    i have a usa psp with jap 2.0 firmware and my memory stick videos will not play. i used the mpeg4 (mp4) movies on the usa 1.52 firmware; i had all the convections correct (folder names, locations, etc). when i use the jap 2.0 firmware, the message “This video cannot be played” pops up. i checked the video info and the video codex & audio codex types matche the values for videos that i CAN play (downloaded examples of upcoming games).

  40. Alex says:

    Hey! I have 2.00 and am wondering how to reach the PSP_COMMONS folder. I downloaded a couple files to it and want to se them.

  41. c.k. says:

    Unfortunately, the commons folder only seems to be “COMMON” between the PSP and your computer (you cannot reach it easily to watch videos or view pictures you’ve downloaded on the PSP itself). If you’ve downloaded text or html files to this folder however, you can view them by typing file:/PSP/COMMON/nameoffile.html or nameoffile.txt in the Browser.

  42. Alex says:

    need some help here. Is there any way to trick ur psp into playing emulators & such?

  43. c.k. says:

    With version 2.0 of the firmware: no. Not yet. IF you have 1.0 or 1.5 then yes.

  44. bobby says:

    this works why???because im on it….HA!

  45. meep says:

    So far I haven’t been able to figure out how to reconfigure the browser resizing. Any help out there?

  46. laurence says:

    so emmh i just wish you could actualy play games onliine with the psp firmware 2.0 but someone says you need special stuff………….is it true

  47. Asgenard says:

    hey u know if i can get some psp hacker for v 2.0? an if u know can u tll me where to get it please

  48. WickedP says:

    Give a try…it fits nicely on the PSP screen and provide a great jumping off point when surfing the net.

    Happy PSP-ing!

  49. wang says:

    if u go into coffee shops and stuff and use their wireless dont u need to make a new connection? also i cant figure out or find the bit for my wireless thing and yea im not really good with electronics and stuff

  50. rogero says:

    What kind of homebrew stuff and apps can i put on my psp right now with the 2.0 firmware?? whats a good website to get started on apps and homebrews?? Is it possible to downgrade to 1.5 and go up 2.0 at a regular basis like if i wanna play some old school games but then switch back to 2.0 when i wanna go psp-ing on the ole www. I love the psp i regret not getting it sooner its like my own little media PC but better and mooooobile!

  51. rogero says:

    umm how do i download pics from gmail to my psp…i can view em just cant download it on the stick…and i try but then it only goes to common…and i try to change it to photos but it doesnt work…

  52. rogero says:

    is there a way to make the file manager in the psp better cause if i try to download a video from my file server ot tries to put it in psp/music/ and i try to put it in MPROOT but then it doesnt change or says theres not enough memory…

  53. tyler says:

    psp common how do u locate

  54. nezael says:

    There is already a way to play snes emulators for the psp firmware 2.0

  55.     says:

    really where?

  56. edward_nyc says:

    the reason the psp gives the connection error ” 80410D07 ” is because the router is being set to transmit at higher rates than 11MB/s. The psp will always show this error and some other similar error codes because of the connection speed. You have to go to access point settings and change the rate on your wireless g to auto MB or at a rate 11MB or lower. I learned the hard way by trial and error.

  57. edward_nyc says:

    by the way the psp is capable of working with assigned dhcp or assigned ip addresses from the router when you use mac address filtering. Just make sure u set that TX rate to 11MB/sec or lower so router can be recognized by the psp and assign it the ip address.

  58. schlong says:

    Can some1 help me with connection error 80410D07 how to get rid of it.Drop me an email at

  59. michael says:

    hey can the downloadable stuff for the 1.0virson work for the 2.0v frimware plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me asap i realy need to now thankx

  60. michael says:

    well ya and what about the 1.5 v plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help asap

  61. michael says:

    hey ppl plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me i need to now fast cause its omos when i get it but ya plzz help me

  62. the mister says:

    when i go to the internet it saves things on PSP common files how do i open the PSP COMMON FILES please help its taking space on my memory stick and i dont know how to open or delete it

  63. spencer says:

    i cant seem to watch sample videos on the internet on my psp how come?

  64. jim says:

    im havin the same propblem as a lot of peolpe, i cant seem to save files to the game folder from the internet to my psp. it will only let me go to common flies. can you help me?

  65. c.k. says:

    Hey, everyone having trouble with the COMMON folder. If you select the folder before clicking OK and hit X then you can actually choose the location where you’d like to save the file *other* than the COMMON folder. Hope this helps.

  66. dwr says:

    psp is cool

  67. dwr says:

    psp is cool.crew u

  68. dwr says:

    psp rox mi sox

  69. angerproblem20 says:

    ok i kno im repeating a lot of things othe rpeople have said but how do i get rid of the connection error ” 80410D07 ” i tried finding acces point setting but i cant find it im new with the PSP and i am very confused so if someone could just post the help or email me at THANKS

  70. Jack says:

    on the psp how do u download a video on the internet and then view it.

  71. Craig says:

    evrytime i try to connect to the net on my psp it tells me connection error has occured (80410D07) or now its changed to (80410D11) but i dont understand because i can connect on my laptop using the router and it was working on my psp before can anyone help plz.

  72. nev says:

    i went on the pool club .com on my psp can i download and play that game or not hope someone can help thanks

  73. nev says:

    or can you play any games on websites or can you only view that site

  74. Tyler says:

    now im typing this on my PSP. i just downloaded/saved an Untold Legends game save from the net on my PSP and i was wondering how to save it to the game data utility. can somebody help me plz

  75. Adam says:

    for those looking for firmware version 2.0 (you can downgrade using MPH Downloader for playing homebrew), you can often use games like “Infected” which include Firmware 2.0 update on it. By far 1.5 is the recommended firmware if your looking to play homebrew and ISO games. Using the MPH Downgrader you can easily switch back and forth between 1.5 and 2.0 firmware. the ONLY advantage i see of having 2.0 is the fact that you can surf the web on ur PSP.

  76. trick says:

    ijust got my psp and thats all i got …no instuctions no software or anything can someone help me with this?????
    send me some info please …..thanks

  77. trick says:

    oh yah my email is i need help with my psp i have no instuctions or any knowledge of how it works or what to do

  78. andrew v says:

    plz help dpnt know how to use the internet on psp

  79. lirecul menace says:

    i know how to do everything so if you need help just ask me……..

  80. lirecul menace says:

    besides getting rss channels for the new 2.7 version on psp…………..anyone know how……….preciated very much….

  81. ana says:

    can aim be used on the psp and if so how

  82. ana says:

    i got the messenger downloaded on my psp but when i tryed to open the file in the browser it send that it couldn’t be opened plz help

  83. alex says:

    i went on and tried to watch a video but it didnt said something about flashplayer or something,and then when i tried to download that it still didint work.what can i do?

  84. MBA says:

    from where can i download PSP’s Games .. and how i can play it in my v2.o version ????

  85. MBA says:

    If I have LAPTOP with WIFI .. can i sharing my music with my PSP via wifi ??? how ??

  86. dazza says:

    allot of questions here but no freekin answers!

  87. aj says:

    i need help getting into my common files please and how do get adobe reader my email is thank you

  88. aviance davis says:

    how can i get some free sample of the psp internat

  89. Matt says:

    can i download a music file from lime wire and whatch it on my psp?

  90. Matt says:

    who is this aj guy, and why is he wasting everyones time, seems like and idiot

  91. E-rock says:

    i kno no one will answer but im gonna try can i watch videos on hte internet on my psp or can i download them or what.

  92. aj says:

    i have windows xp on my psp and it hot

  93. aj says:

    thoes anybody know how to delete common files

  94. chris says:

    has anybody tried putting RealVNC on psp to control your pc thru ur psp??? kindly email me details and link for this. thanks very much!

  95. psp Xpert says:

    this site seems extremely out-dated, but ican answer alot of these non homebrew questions

    1. to access File:/common, you need a computer.
    just go into the psp removable drive and click on “psp” folder (A.K.A. ‘File:/’ so no DLing games) then click on ‘Common’

    2. connecting to internet threw a modem (with wep) is very easy, just type wep key and set to ‘automatic’.
    a router is much different so no advice their

    3. psp FW v2.7+ has support for flash 6 andlower. that means no youtube.

  96. psp Xpert says:

    Post Script: I could not type everything i wanted to in that last message because i am using my psp browser which has limited text entry, so if you have any questions, email me @ and ill get back to you asap, usually the next day or earlier that day.

    i wish you all goodluck!

  97. Rola says:

    hey everybody can someone please help me a.s.a.p I downloaded the messenger 1.0 on to my computer then it says to put it in the folder common on the psp but then where do i go to open the messenger so i can use it on my psp? PLEASE ANYONE HELP (Andrew You say you know everything so can you please help me i beg of you:D) email me the answer to PLEASSEEE

  98. jojo smith says:


  99. Mary J0 says:

    Ooh, I’m like number 100…

  100. Mary J0 says:

    Merry Xmas everyone!

  101. shawn says:

    I have Downloaded a system update under newtowk settings, and after I did the update, it told me I could delete the update that was stored on the memory stick, but I’m not sure how to do this, if anyone could help that wuold be great, thanks

  102. shawn says:

    I have Downloaded a system update under newtowk settings, and after I did the update, it told me I could delete the update that was stored on the memory stick, but I’m not sure how to do this, if anyone could help that wuold be great, thanks, shawn, (although I have tons of space on my memory card, it’s still unwanted by me)

  103. Dametrius says:

    just go to the game folder and then go to the upgrade. Press triangle and go to ‘delete’ then when it asks are you sure press yes

  104. Papa Smurf says:

    hey, for the question about aim on psp, u can go to and search psp messenger. this not only includes aim but also has yahoo messenger, msn, and a bunch of other goodies all 4 free. but u need 2 download it 2 ur computer and transfer it over 2 ur memory stick. its a zip file so be sure 2 have winzip or 7-zip, etc. unzip the file and put it on ur memory stick. im pretty sure u have 2 use the browser for the app. im not sure wat vrsn its supported under.any othr ?s email me konspiracydude15@yaho

  105. Cody says:

    I was wondering how to do wired things with my psp. Cuz my friend has some program thing on his thats lets u control tv things

  106. dizi izle says:

    thanks I was wondering how to do wired things with my psp. Cuz my friend has some program thing on his thats lets u control tv things

  107. chat sohbet says:

    vay it oglu it (turkish)

  108. oyun says:

    Excellent summary. I also benefit at these events by deciding the 3 bottom line results I want to achieve

  109. I was wondering how to do wired things with my psp. Cuz my friend has some program thing on his thats lets u control tv things

  110. Chat says:

    Thanks you..

  111. mike says:

    i want to go to file:/psp/common to open the ipsp located at but it say this content can not be played. look i want a website that lets me open the file via psp (not a computer) the best website i could find is but it only opens swf-flash and i want to open zip files please help!!!!

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