CBS offers last Big Brother 6 episode

TV Squad is on the ball with this one:

Pissed off at President Bush’s preemption of the latest Big Brother 6 episode? Not to fear, as you can catch the episode in its entirety on This is the first time the network has made such a move, one I’m sure many of us would love to see duplicated should such a thing happen to any of our other favorite shows.

Yeah! Oh, wait… I don’t see it. Did they change their minds?

UPDATE: Now it’s up there. Don’t know what the delay was; in that time, an enterprising individual could have snatched it off bittorrent. ;-)

PSP firmware v2.0 and white PSP on the way

So this news is mixed good and bad:

If past upgrades are anything to go by, v2.0 will indiscriminately disable all the PSP homebrew hacks out there. On the bright side, the new firmware adds WPA (wireless security standard) support, an official Sony web browser and a wireless photo swapping feature. Also in a possible
Japan only release, Sony have added a new feature called Portable TV which allows wireless video transmission to the PSP.

So, what’s a person who wants to keep the homebrew going on, but likes the idea of WPA, a browser, and wireless photo swapping to do? Buy a new white PSP and keep the old hacked up one for homebrew, of course!