Wiki hunting: Early steps

Anybody have any wiki advice for me?
Check out Wiki hunting: Early steps:

Usually, I stick to the PHP / HTML / XML aspects of the web, as I tinker around with my blog. Recently, however, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about wikis. This is most likely because the group mind of the web seems to be fixated upon wikis and podcasts of late, as the two hot technologies to gab about. However, although I’m liking iTunes’ new podcasting support, I’m not the biggest podcast fan, because I read faster and with more focus than I listen.

Weblogs, Inc NYC Dinner Last Night

WIN July 14, 2005 That was a blast! 25 people showed up last night for a huge NYC get together meeting of the bloggers in the NYC area who were able to make it. It was interesting to sit across from all these people that I knew but had never met before. Everyone was really cool and there was good conversation all night long.

I wish I got a chance to talk to Vlad more, as Kristin and Tara said he was really cool, but my only exchange with him was “Hi, I’m C.K.” Brian was really nice, came over to talk to me for a while, and commented that I looked much younger and better than my chat icon indicated. It turns out he doesn’t live far from Kris and I, so we’ll have to dinner sometime soon. I asked for cellphone purchasing advice from Peter and Ryan. Tom Biro’s knowledge about Lost borders on scary. I mean, whoa. He had me thinking that if all the things he was saying were true that I won’t be enjoying season two much, although Peter, Karina, and I were riveted. Cool guy; I’m going to have to make that party next year, Tom. Karina was really cool and I was glad we had a chance to discuss Cinematical and films. Marc has that cool Kyocera digicam, and now Kristin wants one, so I’m going to have to look for it on ebay. I need to chat with Ryan from Droxy about photography sometime soon.

I really regret not talking to Judith more. We chat all the time online, but we were just outside of each other’s conversation bubbles for most of the night. Still, it was good to meet her in person. She’s great. Happy Birthday, Judith!

Jason and Jade were fun to hang with, too. Jason had some good stories and Jade was just really nice. Move to New York, ASAP, Jason. We need to hang out more.

I’m even more jazzed about being part of this group than I was before, and I didn’t think that was possible. Thanks for the good evening everyone!