Hacking Club Med

I just got back from vacation to Club Med. If you’ve never been to Club Med, but you’re planning on going, here are some tips for “hacking” the vacation.

1. Use your business card to keep the AC running in the late afternoon. The room’s electricity is run via a card slot that accepts the plastic card to which your room key is attached. Fortunately, there is nothing fancy about this card. All you need is a card of the same size to make the room’s electricity (and if it has it, AC) work. Standard-sized business cards will suffice. Don’t leave it in all day as you don’t want to be wasteful, and you don’t want the maid to catch you in your room hacking. Just come back to the room sometime in the afternoon, post maid visit, and stick the card in the slot. A nicely cooled air-conditioned room will await your return in the late evening.

2. Tip the maid. You’re not supposed to tip anyone at Club Med. Nevertheless, tip the maid. She will turn a blind eye to that business card in the slot if you do.

3. Buy the G.O.s drinks. You’re not supposed to tip anyone at Club Med. You have all inclusive access to the bar. The G.O.s do not (unless they are bartender G.O.s). “Buy” them drinks. They will turn a blind eye to your drinks in the pool if you buy them drinks at night at the bar.

4. Get extra towels by going snorkeling. If you are visiting a Club Med with snorkeling, show up for snorkeling without your towel. When a G.O. comes nearby and it is close to launch time, exclaim, “Crap, I forgot my towel!” Chances are, especially if you followed rule number 3, the G.O. will give you a towel. When you are done snorkeling take the towel to the towel booth and get a replacement towel or a towel card.

I think that’s it. If I think of more later, I’ll add them here.

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4 Responses to Hacking Club Med

  1. Daniel says:

    Which Club Med did you go to? I was at the one in Punta Cana, DR earlier in the summer.

  2. c.k. says:

    Turkoise at Turks and Caicos. Fortunately, the hurricane flew south of us and it was sunny weather the whole week.

  3. sabreena says:

    want to become a hacker.. then steel a ….& ak

  4. mosesdiamond says:

    i really wanna be a part of this …but i dont know how to go about it
    ….so i dont mind if you guys can put me true….

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