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PSP IrDA File Transferrer

This looks promising: I’ve written a program to transfer files from one PSP to another via infrared. The major limitation is that the received file is put directly in the memory stick root, but this will be flexible in the … Continue reading

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Turks and Caicos Vacation Report

That was a much-needed break. I had a good time. Today is my last vacation day. The vacation from the vacation buffer before returning to work. I was totally unplugged for a full week. I didn’t check email. I didn’t … Continue reading

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Dumb and Smart

This is dumb and this is smart.

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Hacking Club Med

I just got back from vacation to Club Med. If you’ve never been to Club Med, but you’re planning on going, here are some tips for “hacking” the vacation. 1. Use your business card to keep the AC running in … Continue reading

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iHate iPhoto

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