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Congrats, Jason!

Jason just called me from London. He and MJ are parents. Mother and new daughter are fine. I’m so happy for them!

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PDF Hardware Guide to the PSP

This is cool, but beware the pop-ups. It’s a PDF of all the different parts of a fully disassembled PSP.

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Big draining nothing of an argument…

See here and here for the history on this. Gene Steinberg finally emailed me, repeating much of what he’s been saying here. Here’s the reply email I sent him, minus the parts that were quoted from his email to me: … Continue reading

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More notes on the PSP 2.0 browser

If you get an out of memory error, simply bring up the browser’s interface (hit Triangle) and then navigate to Tools, hit the X button, and choose “Delete Cache.” After you’ve done so, refresh the page. It should now load. … Continue reading

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sixflags79, originally uploaded by C.K. Sample, III. This pic isn’t new. It`s on my about page. What’s cool about it is that I uploaded it from my PSP.

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