It’s ALIVE! Dead PSP Revisited

So, remember the other day, when I mentioned that I fried my PSP? Well, it turns out that I only fried the ability to charge it / run it off the AC adapter. Evidently, you shouldn’t plugin the PSP without the battery inside as if fries that basic connection. I bought a new battery on Sunday and popped it in and it worked, but when I plugged the AC adapter in to charge it, nothing happened. I thought maybe the AC adapter was fried, so I tried another. Still nothing. Looks like I need to either send it in to Sony for repairs or crack it open and try to fix it myself.

I bought another one yesterday just in case my hunch about the battery didn’t prove correct, and this was a good move, because I can now charge batteries for the first one in the new one.

I could always return the old one in the new one’s box and sidestep the whole warranty sending it in hassle, but that’s not really on the up and up, so I doubt I’ll do it that way.

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  1. foxrip says:

    hi open you psp , remove the lcd on top rigth u can see 1 small component thats a fuse , i fink u shouldant have the spare parts for it , but if u solder 1 line from 1 side to the other your psp will start charging again;)

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