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Blogebrity: The List

Looking over Blogebrity: The List. Laurie is on the C list. They don’t seem to have the D list up yet, which I am guessing is where you’d find me and Scott (the rest of the TUAW crew). Advertisements

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PSP Meets

PSP Meets is a new community site for organizing PSP LAN parties. Nice.

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Today, after work, I went through my full boxing workout for the first time in over 5 years, and it feels good. I mean, I’m going to feel like hell tomorrow (already a bit sore behind my left shoulder blade), … Continue reading

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New Form of PSP Title: Sound Novels

Eh: PSP Hacker: New Form of PSP Title: Sound Novels.

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Dyson DC 07

So, I just went out to Best Buy this afternoon and bought a Dyson DC07. This thing sucks, but that’s a good thing. Kristin had vacuumed earlier today with our old vacuum cleaner, but I decided to give the Dyson … Continue reading

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Me in Ulysses

Check it out: Ulysses: One Page Every Day: It was then queried whether there were any special desires on the part of the defunct and the reply was: WE GREET YOU, FRIENDS OF EARTH, WHO ARE STILL IN THE BODY. … Continue reading

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Revenge of the Sith

Well, it was better than the other two new Star Wars films, but there were some definite dead spots in the film. Good action movie. Not so amazing film. The special effects were off the hook, as they say, the … Continue reading

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