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fenceMan, I need another weekend.

Saturday morning, Kristin and I headed out to Long Island to spend the holiday weekend with her family. I was to help her father put in a new fence in their backyard. When we arrived on Saturday, the new fence hadn’t arrived yet, so we swung by East Coast Camera in Valley Stream, so I could see if they had the Nikon D70 in stock. They did, and were willing to part with it for a comparable price to the lowest prices I was finding online, plus rebate, plus a few freebies like a memory card and a filter. So I now am the owner of a nice pro-level DSLR camera. As I was testing it out, Kristin discovered that it could take a multitude of pictures in rapid succession and immediately asked if she could take it with her to dance. “No.” “Why not?” “Because this isn’t a point and shoot to be lugged around everywhere you go. It’s a nice professional quality camera that I will be using for studio work.” “But I want to take pictures quickly like that.” “Your Canon Rebel can do that.” “But it’s not digital.” “How about we sell my old digital Canon and get you a new, small digital camera that will take quick pictures.” “But I want that one.” And so on…

When we got back, the fence people had called and said the delivery truck was on its way. Curt and I began prepping for the arrival by cleaning up around where the fence would go and removing the old posts. Some were rotten and broke off in the soil. We probably would have finished the entire project in two days if their backyard wasn’t wall-to-wall roots. Every time we went to dig a new hole for a fence posts, we hit about a foot of small tree roots and then a big tree root past that that we had to hack at with an axe.

Given the circumstances, we did pretty well. We finished 2/3rds of the fence and got all but 5 of the fence posts in. That was Saturday and Sunday. Then, yesterday, there was a barbecue with ribs, chicken, and burgers. Tim, Sara, and Sara’s mother, Margaret, all came and joined us, which was nice. A good time was had by all, and Curt and I got to rest. The picture with this post is one of the completed corners of the fence, with Tim Gibbs, Mags (my sister-in-law), and Marion (my mom-in-law), lounging in front of it, enjoying the nice weather we received this memorial day.

Today, I am very sore and low on energy. If I get enough writing done this week, I’ll probably head back this weekend and help him finish up.

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  1. dan says:

    I recommend the Canon SD400 (I think the SD300 is pretty much the same just less MP) It is very small and light the battery lasts for a couple of weeks and I know the SD400 can do the shoot real fast thing.

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