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Misha and Curt in Action via D70

So, I took several pictures of both my pet parrot and my father-in-law in action via my D70 this weekend. I imported the pics into iMovie HD and animated them, adding minimal sound effects. Here is the end result: Misha … Continue reading

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C.K. Sample, III on The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)

This is a pretty cool new thing on TUAW: C.K. Sample, III on The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW). They have new pages for all the individual bloggers. There’s also a linked page with all the comments I’ve made on the … Continue reading

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Make Good Fences

Man, I need another weekend. Saturday morning, Kristin and I headed out to Long Island to spend the holiday weekend with her family. I was to help her father put in a new fence in their backyard. When we arrived … Continue reading

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Animation at MOMA

I need to make some time in my busy June schedule to head down to the city and see the Animation at MOMA.

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I’m a Blogebrity

Weird. I emailed Blogebrity: The List, asking when the D list would go up, and suddenly, BOOM, there I am, listed as a C-list blogebrity. Can I start selling autographed pictures? Also, I think blogebrity is misspelled. I, and everyone … Continue reading

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Possibly the best headline ever…

Thanks to Bill for pointing this out: Lion Mutilates 42 Midgets in Cambodian Ring-Fight. Who the hell thought, “Hey! Let’s stick 42 little persons in a ring with a large feline! It’ll be great!”?

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Boxing Day 2

Today was a rather hectic day at work with a big meeting, which unlike most meetings, was very productive, so I was pleased. Tonight, I went for the second day of my boxing workout. Day 2 is always the worst, … Continue reading

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