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Sony drops the ball on the PSP’s wireless security

Ars Technica weighs in on the WEP-only security of the PSP:Sony drops the ball on the PSP’s wireless security. Could a simple firmware update fix this? Advertisements

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CPTV – PSP Video

New video content for the PSP, and this time it is all club and nightlife-focused: CPTV – PSP Video | nightlife, nightlife style, night club, new years, new years eve, nite club, nightclub, nightclubs, clubbing, night club promotions, club dance, … Continue reading

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My friend Jay has launched a new WordPress weblog: » And so it begins… Check it out.

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These pictures of Tintagel in Cornwall really grabbed me yesterday: Arthurian Castle. I was there in ’93, walked down by the shore and through the cave, and collected a bag full of naturally polished rocks. I keep them in a … Continue reading

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PSP-formatted Star Charts

Here’s a PSP-nugget for all you astronomers out there.

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A Take on DRM

This is a rant, albeit an interesting one if you can get past all the expletives early on: I don’t want any of them controlling how I use the stuff I paid for. They have shown themselves to be bad … Continue reading

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Walt Mossberg reads TUAW and replied to my post. Wow. Cool. UPDATE: More on this here.

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