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Long day

Sleeeeepy. I have a bunch of things to post here, but it’ll have to wait for tomorrow.

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Engadget Podcast featuring Yours Truly

The last 15 minutes of this week’s Engadget podcast features an interview with me ranting about DRM: Engadget Podcast.24 03.29.2005—Digital video camcorders, readers’ choice for digital cameras; PSP usability quirks; LCD quality levels and defect types; what Apple critics are … Continue reading

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Looks Like Everything Moved Nicely

I’m back up. h00t!

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Site Moving

Cornerhost, where I host this site, is moving servers tonight. Everything should automagically re-route to the new location, but there might be a few bumps. See you on the other side.

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PSP: Things Needed

Here’s my list of several things that Sony needs to do to make the PSP the must-have gadget for a while: UMD burner—Sony needs to release a consumer level UMD burner for burning content to the little disks that the … Continue reading

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