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Amp Conversion Question

Reader, Graham Newton, writes asking:

I am thinking of bringing my amp to the UK in my move there (Kent). Obviously I need to address the power issue, can you help? I am hoping to replace the power transformer with a correct 240v item. I understand the current Fender replacement transformer is adaptable to both North American as well as UK power. (Bolt hole centre’s are 2 x 2.5″.)

I wrote back noting that I usually use adapters and haven’t any idea, but also noted that I would post here in case another reader has the 411 on this situation. He responded:

I am wary of using a step-down transformer in this case, as I’ve been
informed that the stock, small transformer will not hold up to the 50 cycle
environment very long. It is rated as 60 cycle only.

Other amps I am considering bringing are rated at 50 to 60 cycles and have
visibly much larger cores. I have been advised that they will survive quite
fine on step-down transformers.

I look at the wimpy little transformer in the Deluxe and compare it to the
transformers in amps with similar configurations and I see physically larger
transformers. I would rather change out the transformer, than burn a few
things up! (In the middle of a gig!)

Fender stock number for the export transformer (multi-tapped) is: A019119.

Posting the question may help find the fix, yes please.

Anybody have any input? Please post to the comments. Cheers.

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