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Amp Conversion Question

Reader, Graham Newton, writes asking: I am thinking of bringing my amp to the UK in my move there (Kent). Obviously I need to address the power issue, can you help? I am hoping to replace the power transformer with … Continue reading

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Coffee Makes Me Live

Jet-lag sucks.

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Self-employed blogging

Read this, Wired News: Quit Your Job to Blog, Blog, Blog: As for earning a living, Kottke has a plan for that, too. His readers will support him. At least he hopes they will. Kottke does not intend to seek … Continue reading

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Jef Raskin, lead designer of the Macintosh, dies

Jef Raskin died on Saturday: MacCentral: Jef Raskin, lead designer of the Macintosh, dies Jef Raskin, the lead designer of the first Macintosh computer and a pioneer in the development of user interfaces, died Saturday at age 61. He had … Continue reading

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Google Maps now supports Safari

Check it out: macosxhints – Google Maps now supports Safari. Huzzah!

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Mini Review of Hawaii

I’m back from the honeymoon, and I will most likely have a much longer post about Hawaii later on this week, but in the meantime, I thought I’d share with you all my wife’s mini review of Hawaii. Kristin: “Hawaii: … Continue reading

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iPodFolderOpener back online…

Just got an email from Guido noting that the link to iPodFolderOpener had died somewhere during the update of the site. In any case, it is fixed and working again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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