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Sample the Web: Status Blog

This morning, this site was down for several hours. It just recently came back up. While it was down, and I was panicking (after reading that Russell was hacked my paranoia kicked in full force), I started an offsite Sample … Continue reading

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How computers change writing

This post over at Boing Boing by Cory might prove useful for a class discussion, focused around how we write in a technological age. Here’s Cory’s bits: Steven Johnson (author of the fantastic Mind Wide Open and other books) has … Continue reading

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The Read/Write Web in the Classroom links to my class site

My class’s weblog was mentioned in a post over at Weblogg-ed – The Read/Write Web in the Classroom today. Pretty cool. Update: The class blog also appears in the list on this page.

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That must’ve been one big cow!

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Free your tunes…

Read this article: JHymn Goes Behind Atoms and Apple To Bring DRM-Free Music :: Open Source, Linux News & Software – :: Linux & Open Source News from Across the Community. Good stuff. I particularly like the ending: Obviously, … Continue reading

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They need something like this for every TV show: buffyology : searchable Buffy cast, crew and episode database. Every Buffy character, episode, cast member, writer and director and every word of every show, in a searchable database. Spotted this on … Continue reading

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Google Ads and Doctor

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve added a few Google ads to the site. It would be nice if this site paid for itself. (Update: I decided to move the ads over to the right, so they don’t interfere with … Continue reading

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