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Feeling human again…

The antibiotics are finally taking effect. Today, rather than feeling totally out of it, I feel like a normal human being with just a bit of stuffiness. Much better from the dizzy out of it feeling of the past four … Continue reading

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Is broadcast television secure to begin with?

You should read this entire article, but this section from Steal This Show caught my eye: The build-your-own-TV advocates say they’re not looking to steal content; they’re just looking for a reasonable amount of flexibility to watch the same recorded … Continue reading

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Sample the Web: Status Blog

This morning, this site was down for several hours. It just recently came back up. While it was down, and I was panicking (after reading that Russell was hacked my paranoia kicked in full force), I started an offsite Sample … Continue reading

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How computers change writing

This post over at Boing Boing by Cory might prove useful for a class discussion, focused around how we write in a technological age. Here’s Cory’s bits: Steven Johnson (author of the fantastic Mind Wide Open and other books) has … Continue reading

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The Read/Write Web in the Classroom links to my class site

My class’s weblog was mentioned in a post over at Weblogg-ed – The Read/Write Web in the Classroom today. Pretty cool. Update: The class blog also appears in the list on this page.

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