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Happy Next Year!

2005. I like it. It’s a good number. I see it making things happen.

2004 was good for me. I worked on not one, but two different O’Reilly books, I had one of my critical articles published, I started writing a weekly piece for AppleMatters, I started teaching again, I made many new friends in the process, and most importantly I said ‘I do’ to my new life with my lovely new wife, Kristin.

Whatever year it is for you and yours, here’s to wishing you a happy next year! Rest assured both that life will continue in the face of tragedy and that new challenges will face us. The life we have is a blessing given to us.

Keep in mind that there are many small blessings that far outnumber our individual problems. Keep sight of those blessings in the upcoming year and be thankful for each day given to you.