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$10 says that we get 10.3.8 via Software Update by day’sweek’s end.

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Back at Work

First day back at work post sickness. Still feeling very weak and slow thinking.

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New Faster PowerBooks; still G4s

Check this page for all the details on the brand new G4 Powerbooks (which means G5s probably won’t roll out for another 6 months to a year). Besides the faster processors in all three models, two interesting tidbits caught my … Continue reading

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Grokster and the financial future of America

This is smart and offers a good history of the situation we find ourselves in: In October of 1998 the Digital Millenium Copyright Act was passed. The DMCA was basically a law that set a very un-nerving precedent. That the government … Continue reading

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Death to WoNoWriYea

After a month of me being the only member, I cut the cord on WoNoWriYea. All links to that site should now point here. If you came here looking for the site, sorry. Search WoNoWriYea on this site for other … Continue reading

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