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Sick at home…

Kristin went to the movies with her sister and Aunt. I’m left alone at home with the parrot and a cold. I was supposed to be working on my dissertation, but the head-cold is in that fuzzy, can’t focus your thoughts for too long phase, so instead I’ve been staring at different things in the room. I keep thinking of things to be done, but quickly forget them.

I’m supposed to have a check-up with my doctor tomorrow morning, but as I have this cold, I don’t think I should bother going. Better served by sleeping in. Continually forgot all day to call and cancel appointment. Just tried to call, but no option to leave a message.

Went to the DMV today to take my eye test and renew my license. Every time I go to the DMV, I am sick. Kristin went as well to change her name on the license. Two hours of waiting, 5 minutes of forms, pictures, and transactions. Also, the public parking lot in Yonkers near the DMV only takes exact change, and costs $1 for an hour and $3 for two hours, so if you put in $2.25 without reading the fine print, because it is all the cash you have on you, you get an hour’s worth of parking and the knowledge that you will most likely return to a ticket on your car. How convenient for Yonkers. Fortunately, we experienced a New Year’s Eve’s Eve miracle and returned to a ticket-less car. I drove the new Passat (sp?). Nice ride.

Last night, Tim and Sara came over for dinner and a pleasant time was had by all. I beat Tim in 8 consecutive chess games, but then he redeemed himself in Scrabble by coming out of the gate using all of his letters and achieving an easy 50 point lead that he maintained for the entirety of the game, while I wallowed in vowels, Sara continued to construct words that I challenged and rightfully so, and Kristin for some odd reason was fixated on keeping all her words in the 2-3 letter range. Fun.

Also, Spam Karma is catching a veritable butt-load of comment spam that has been falling all over this site since yesterday. Bandwidth thieves! A plague upon your houses!

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