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Nicecast. Nice!

Nicecast looks really cool. If only I had enough time for more pointless hobbies… Why isn’t there a job for the professional tinkerer and thinker?

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Open Letter to BlogLogic

I just sent the following email to Megan Miller. In case her email no longer works, I am posting this here as an open letter to anyone capable of managing BlogLogic: Hi, I joined your site months ago and posted … Continue reading

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Journey Home

We just returned from Mississippi, where we spent Thanksgiving with my parents. It was good to see them and to spend time with them and my brother, but the transportation involved was less than ideal. I do not feel like … Continue reading

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Bluetooth and Motion Updates…

Run Software Update now to download a Bluetooth firmware update and Motion 1.0.1.

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Computer writers?

Read this NYTimes article (reg required). I think… Eh, nevermind.

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